Township doctors boil Changsheng liquid and claim to live 120 years old in Binyang, Guangxi: order to review

 Township doctors boil Changsheng liquid and claim to live 120 years old in Binyang, Guangxi: order to review

The scene of Changsheng liquid produced by township doctors. Web transmission pictures

According to a previous report by the Beijing News, online pictures showed about 10 people in white coats standing around the iron bucket, one of whom scooped up the dark liquid in the bucket to check. There was also a banner hanging on the scene, which said, the expert is in Ming Dynasty, and the God is in the countryside. Its not a dream for human health to live to 120 years old. A person who claimed to be involved in the scene of the boil of Changsheng liquid told the Beijing news that this was a rural medical party. The so-called Changsheng liquid was made of Chinese herbal medicine. They tried it after hearing the introduction of a 96 year old local man.

This afternoon, in response to the reporter of Beijing News, Binyang County Health Bureau said that after investigation, on November 26, 2019, individual organizers invited some rural doctors to participate in the internal discussion, and used Chinese herbal medicine to boil liquid on site for their own trial. The pictures of the scene of the incident were uploaded to the network, causing adverse effects.

The investigation shows that the activity was not approved by the administrative department and was purely an individual act without serious social consequences. In view of the exaggerated content of the banners, the Bureau will investigate and verify the criticism and education of relevant personnel, order them to make a review, and will circulate a notice of criticism to relevant personnel in the system. The village doctors who participated in the activity made a written review.

Does the miracle doctor boil long Shengye and say he can live 120 years after drinking it? Party: joking

Recently, a picture of a Binyang doctor gathering to boil the long life liquid spread on the Internet, causing hot discussion.

According to the photos, the red banners on the scene of Longsheng liquor brewing in Binyang Township, Guangxi Province, have bright yellow slogans that say, experts are in the folk, gods are in the countryside, and its not a myth that human health will live to 120 years old.