Police maintain no case filing for female teachers death? Father of the deceased: apply for review

 Police maintain no case filing for female teachers death? Father of the deceased: apply for review

In the early morning of August 28, 2019, He Mou, a female teacher of a primary school in Bazhong City, fell from the window of her floor and died at the age of 26.

Why did a flourishing female teacher fall at the beginning of the new term? Why do netizens lament the fate of him? At the same time, they want to know why he fell down?

According to He Mous chat with his friend wechat before his death, Chen Mou, the husband of the same teacher, was grumpy. He had experienced domestic violence and thought of suicide several times. So what happened in the early morning of August 28? Did he jump because he couldnt bear the domestic violence? When he fell, did Chen die? For quite a long time, netizens have been discussing these issues.

Notice of non filing by the police

On November 1, Bazhou District branch of Bazhong Public Security Bureau issued a notice of refusal to file a case to hes relatives after more than two months of investigation. According to the examination of the Bureau, no criminal facts occurred. According to Article 112 of the criminal procedure law of the peoples Republic of China, the Bureau decided not to file a case. Hes father, he, refuses to accept the decision and applies for reconsideration to Bazhou Public Security Bureau within the legal time. On December 3, Bazhou District branch of Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau delivered a written decision on criminal reconsideration to he XX, which said, he XX was not satisfied with the notice of no filing of Bazhou Public Security Bureau Bazhou Gong (Xing) Bu Li Zi [2019] 22 and applied for reconsideration. After examination, he believed that the facts of the case were clear, the evidence was sufficient, the basis was accurate and the procedure was legal. In accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the provisions of the procedure for review of criminal reconsideration cases by the public security organs, it is decided to maintain. If you do not accept this decision, you can apply to Bazhong Public Security Bureau for review within seven days from the date of receiving this decision.

Police criminal reconsideration decision

On the afternoon of December 3, he told the cover news reporter by telephone that he had decided to apply to Bazhong Public Security Bureau for review of the reconsideration result.

According to media reports, on the evening of August 27, after a dinner party with his colleagues, he received a phone call from his husband Chen to join him in a bar. In the early morning of the 28th, the two men led their dogs back to their neighborhood of Zhixin Yidu, where they had quarreled. After entering the elevator, the video shows that the two sides quarreled again and moved their hands. When the elevator reached the 20th floor, the dog rushed out after the door opened. Chen followed the elevator and he took the elevator back to the 14th floor where he lived. Before long, Chen also went down to the 14th floor. When the elevator door opened, he was about to come in. They quarreled again. The elevator door closed behind them. Because there is no monitoring equipment installed in the corridor, there is no video record during the ten minutes from the elevator to He Mous falling. What happened in this period of time has always been the focus of police investigation, and also hes major doubt about the cause of his daughters death.

Bazhou District police previously issued a notice not to file a case, said he and her husband left the elevator on the way home to continue to quarrel, he jumped over the window of the 14th floor corridor and died. Through on-the-spot investigation, video data retrieval, visit investigation, corpse examination and other work, the police determined that he had committed suicide and ruled out criminal cases.

Source: cover news editor: Zhou Xinyi, nb12002