Ukrainian Neo Nazi veterans show up in Hong Kong and remember at the gate of Gangli

 Ukrainian Neo Nazi veterans show up in Hong Kong and remember at the gate of Gangli

On December 1, members of the former right-wing militia organization Yasui battalion of Ukraine appeared at the scene of the Hong Kong riots, including the Hong Kong University of science and technology, in solidarity with the Hong Kong rioters.

Although the thugs claimed that the Ukrainians had nothing to do with the Neo Nazis, the Hong Kong opposition group free Hong Kong Center confirmed in a statement that the Ukrainians were veterans of the Azov battalion who had participated in the bloody civil war of Donbas.

Ukrainian Neo Nazi organization has rich practical experience and is the grand military school of the global extreme right wing. The United States, Italy and other multinational extremist organizations have taken the opportunity of Ukraines civil war to send people to Ukraine to learn military skills.

Neo Nazis with symbols of fascism appear in Hong Kong: Social Media

On December 1, serhii Filimonov, an activist now living in Kiev, Ukraine, posted photos of him and several Ukrainians on social media at the scene of the riots in Hong Kong.

They appeared in various riot places and took photos with the mobs in black. At one time, they went to the gate of science and engineering where the mobs were still fighting.

Photo of Sergei ferimonov, a former Yasui battalion veteran, posted on social media on December 1. Source: Social Media

From the photos he released, we can see that these Ukrainians are tall, with a large number of tattoos including Nazi symbols such as Valhalla victory. The Ukrainians later expressed their support for the riots in Hong Kong on social media and expressed their hope that Hong Kong would follow Ukraines lead.

Valhalla victory and Trident on thugs neck, double lightning Nazi symbols, Neo Nazis often use a lot of Nordic cultural images to reflect their white supremacy position

Because of the large number of Neo Nazi symbols on these Ukrainians, the Hong Kong Social Media account free Hong Kong Center, which supports the riots, issued a clarification statement to try to explain that they are not Neo Nazis.

However, the mob claimed on their social media account that these Ukrainian sympathizers, who had briefly participated in Yasui camp five years ago, and fought against the Russian army in the eastern Ukraine, were veterans who survived the Donbas war; their tattoos were just football club logo; the purpose of these people was just to more Understand Hong Kong.

Sergei ferimonov, a former Asahi battalion veteran, appeared at the gate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Unknown time source: Social Media

Sergei ferimonov, a Ukrainian activist, admitted on social media that he had joined the army against Russians in eastern Ukraine.

Yasui battalion is a paramilitary group established by the right-wing racists of Ukraine, which was founded in the middle and late period of the Donbas war in 2014. After the withdrawal of Ukraines main forces from Donetsk, Yasui battalion took on part of the battle in the direction of eastern Ukraine in the name of protecting the homeland by the militia. After 2015, Yasui battalion was incorporated by the Ministry of interior of Ukraine and became one of the guns relied on by the Ukrainian authorities.

Yasui battalion uses wolf hook, black sun, double lightning and other symbols. The former is the symbol originally used by the Nazi party, while the latter is the symbol designed by the leader of the SS, Himmler. These Ukrainians in Hong Kong have a lot of Nordic cultural images such as Valhalla victory and Trident, double lightning, Celtic Cross, etc. they express their white supremacy or Nazi racist position.

Information chart: Ukraines Yasui camp in 2014 source: Social Media

Although the Ukrainian authorities deny their support for the Neo Nazis, the Atlantic Council, an American think-tank, believes that Azov is an open Neo Nazis. According to the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, members of the Asahi battalion were suspected of participating in various crimes during the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, including robbery, illegal detention, rape and torture.

According to the Russian news agency, the Supreme Court of Russia has initiated criminal proceedings against the fighters in the Yasui battalion on the grounds of kidnapping, torture and the use of prohibited means and methods of war.

Although the crimes are numerous, the Asahi battalion has rich practical experience. Therefore, many extremists, including the United States, Italy and Syria, have taken advantage of the continuous civil strife in eastern Ukraine to study military skills in Ukraine.

Todays Russian website reported in 2018 that the US FBI prosecuted some men involved in the August violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and found that members of the white supremacy extreme organization RAM had gone to Ukraine for training in the spring of 2018.

The picture of Russian report shows that in 2017, supporters of Yasui camp followed the example of the Nazi Party of Germany to hold a torch parade. Screenshot of RT website

Yasui battalion is on the front line of eastern Ukraine. Behind its members are the BMP-2 infantry chariot provided by the Ukrainian government. Source: Social Media

This is not the first time Hong Kong thugs have been linked to the unrest in Ukraine.

On August 29 this year, the tutors of the rioters organized a screening meeting called blooming flowers everywhere. At more than 20 gathering points, they streamed a documentary about the 2014 Ukraine color revolution. Oddly enough, some mob supporters were moved to cry out for Hong Kong to become Ukraine.

Screenshot: BBC

In response to attempts by foreign forces to disrupt Hong Kong, Chinas Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly issued statements that Hong Kong affairs are purely internal affairs of China and that no foreign government or force has the right to intervene.

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Du Shuo, nb12556