Should people run up or down in high-rise buildings?

 Should people run up or down in high-rise buildings?

At about 21:30 p.m. on December 2, a fire broke out in the residential area of SR international new town, Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

It can be seen from the scene pictures that the fire spread rapidly from the low level to the high level. Because the fire could not be controlled in the initial stage, the fire rushed to the 25th floor in 6 minutes.

Now the buildings are higher and higher, and the environment is more and more complex, which also increases the difficulty of smooth escape. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct evacuation knowledge.

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When there is a fire in a high-rise building, should we run up or down? (source: video synthesis)

Experts interviewed:

Wen Xinhua, lecturer of Beijing first aid training center

Wang Dawei, Professor of the peoples Public Security University of China

High rise fire, up or down?

If the high-rise building is on fire, how to escape from the fire?

If the fire is on the top, no doubt, please evacuate and escape. Try not to stay in the house, so as to prevent the spread of fire or explosion and other dangerous situations.

If the ignition point is below, first touch the door handle with the back of your hand. If the door handle is already hot, do not open the door rashly, and wait for rescue indoors; or when opening the door, it is found that toxic smoke has filled the elevator and stairwell, and even the fire has burned to the door. At this time, do not rush out of the door to escape, and stay indoors, and do the following actions:

Some high-rise entrance doors are fire doors (it can be determined by whether there is a fire door sign on the door), which can block the fire and toxic smoke within a certain period of time, and close all fire doors to ensure that the smoke does not enter the room;

If it is not the fire door, all the fire doors outside should be closed tightly. Use wet quilt, towel, etc. to close the door seam, close the fire door, wave bright clothes on the balcony and wait for rescue;

If there is not too much smoke in the stairwell, and the floor is not high, you can choose to escape downward according to the situation. If the floor is high, you can choose to escape upward through the roof platform to the adjacent unit without fire.

How to save yourself in case of fire?

The main causes of fire death are smoke poisoning and suffocation caused by burning the respiratory tract. These factors can make the victims suffocate within 3-5 minutes.

When a fire breaks out, we must be calm, calm and rational. We must not run blindly. In the face of different situations, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. At any time, peoples life is always higher than everything. In case of fire, do not hesitate or return to the house to grab property, so as not to delay the best time for escape.

2. If you escape from the inside out, do not open the door too hard. If you find that the smoke in the corridor is very thick and the temperature on the door is too hot, you should give up this passage in time and escape to the place with less smoke in the opposite direction.

3. If the fire is not serious, put on wet clothes or blankets as soon as possible and rush out bravely. If there is not much smoke just entering the corridor, and the smoke is getting closer and closer during the escape process, you should immediately lower your body and move slowly, and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, so as to minimize breathing and prevent the respiratory tract from being burned.

When there is no water around, dry towels, masks and personal clothes can be used to protect the nose and mouth.

It needs to be reminded that there are a large number of organic polymer compounds in the house now, which are highly toxic in combustion. Wet towels cover the mouth and nose, which can not prevent the inhalation of toxic smoke, so try to avoid passing through the thick smoke.

Keep in mind the following points in public fire

When there is a fire in the cinema, shopping mall and other public places, be sure to observe whether there is smoke and the location of the open fire calmly;

Escape through emergency exits and stairs according to evacuation instruction signs;

If the exit is crowded, in order to avoid trampling accident, you can choose to hide in the opposite direction, the fire is small and relatively closed space, and find other escape methods;

Its impossible to escape. You should lie on the ground easy to be found and wait for help.

Dont do six things in case of fire

In case of fire, the following six things will make your situation worse. Do not do them.

No shouting.

Shouting is not only a waste of physical strength, but also easy to inhale smoke, or heat waves stimulate the throat, causing respiratory tract burns. If inhaled toxic smoke, it is likely to be killed on the spot.

Do not walk upright

The fire will produce thick smoke, and the smoke is lighter than the air, often floating in the sky, 30-60 cm from the ground, the smoke is thinner.

Try to move as low as possible, and leave the fire passage or stairs quickly against the wall.

Dont take the elevator

In case of fire, smoke will arrive at the elevator first, so do not take the elevator.

Dont be greedy for property

After the fire, do not return to the house to grab property, so as not to delay the time of escape.

After leaving the site, you cant rush back and increase unnecessary casualties. Keep away from the fire as far as possible to prevent the explosion of inflammable and explosive materials in the building.

Dont jump

In case of a fire, residents above the second floor must not panic, or even take a chance to jump from the building. If they need to escape from the upstairs windows, they can climb or land softly.

If you really cant escape, you must find a room to hide, close the door, plug the door with wet cloth, and call for help out of the window.

Fire on your body, dont run

If you are on fire, dont run, dont put out the fire by hand. When running, a small wind will form. At this time, a large amount of fresh air will rush to people, just like fanning a stove. The fire will burn more and more vigorously. It is also possible to bring the fire to other places and cause new ignition.

In addition, if you put out the fire by hand, you may burn your hand. At this time, lie down on the spot to extinguish the flame or water to avoid aggravating the injury.

In particular, in case of a fire, you need to call 119 for fire fighting first, and then 120 for first aid, so as not to delay the fire fighting time.

Hidden fire hazards around you

1. Overdue service of electrical appliances

Over age electrical appliances and wires are prone to aging and cracking of insulation layer, which is enough to ignite nearby combustibles in a short time, and then cause fire.

2 accidental injury of wires

The lines of household electricity are usually hidden in the wall, invisible and untouchable. Some inadvertent behaviors, such as hanging mirrors on the wall and perforating, may pierce the circuit, form electric arc and other discharge phenomena, and cause fire.

The kitchen is messy

Paper towels and pot mats are all next to the stove, so its easy to catch fire. Keep a distance of at least 1 meter between combustibles and the stove, and do not leave for a long time while cooking.

4. Loose socket

The metal sheet in the socket will loosen with the passage of time. When using household appliances, you should pay attention to the socket. If you accidentally pull out the wires inside, the hot metal sheet will generate high heat, causing fire.

5 heating appliances

Improper use of heating appliances, such as electric heating, electric iron, etc., all have potential fire hazards. Especially for the old electrical appliances, check whether the wires and switches are damaged regularly.

When using the dryer, clean the thread ends in the tray, because inflammables will accumulate at the bottom, and when a certain amount is reached, a fire will occur under the action of high temperature.

6 wood chips

The wood chips left by decoration and other processes are as easy to gather as dust, and the burning speed is amazing. Keep the debris away from the open fire, and always use a vacuum cleaner to clean every corner. A kind of

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