Academicians in the Great Hall of the people sell potatoes and collect 1500 peasant students

 Academicians in the Great Hall of the people sell potatoes and collect 1500 peasant students

Uncle with a sickle in one hand and rice in the other

Not ordinary farmers,

He is a scientist.

He is the former president of Yunnan Agricultural University, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who once shouted selling potatoes in the Great Hall of the people,

Zhu Youyong.

Such a famous scientist,

At the age of 60,

Made a decision that made everyone respect

u2014u2014Leaving his familiar campus and laboratory,

Join the poverty alleviation army.

In a mountain village of deep poverty in Yunnan frontier,

At the age of 60, he put on camouflage clothes and picked up a hoe,

Eat, live and work with the people,

Its been four years.

We didnt let the people enjoy the results,

Its dereliction of duty!

In 2011,

Zhu Youyong, who is already the president of Yunnan Agricultural University,

He was elected academician of Chinese Academy of engineering.

At this time, Zhu Youyong made an unexpected decision:

No longer president of Yunnan Agricultural University!

Administration is very important,

But I prefer to spend all my time and energy,

On scientific research!

In 2015, Zhu Youyong, 60 years old,

I received a special task,

To help the poor in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County of Yunnan Province.

When Zhu Youyong arrived here,

Shocked by what was happening:

Once in the village, its a stink,

Pig manure, cow manure, fertilizer and thatch are everywhere;

There are flies all over the water cup and cooker.

People still live in fenced houses and thatched houses that leak everywhere.

Whats more incredible is,

The per capita annual income here is only 1000 yuan.

Zhu Youyong has five tastes in his heart,

He told his fellow doctoral students:

Its so poor here,

Its our fault that we didnt go deep,

There is no real way to do something for the common people!

People cant enjoy your research results,

As an academician, this is dereliction of duty!

Zhu Youyong walked into the field again and again,

Carry out field research in the mountains and forests with sticks.

Zhu Youyong rented a piece of land in the village,

Took the team and planted potatoes.

More than three months later,

When digging potatoes,

Farmers have never seen potatoes

Can grow so much, so big a leader.

Zhu Youyong made a settlement with the common people,

The price of potatoes is the best this season,

A kilogram can sell for more than three yuan,

One acre of land can earn 5000 yuan,

Planting one mu can get rid of poverty, planting two mu can run well-off!

Now the common people understand,

It turns out that the academician is the God of wealth!

Potatoes for sale at the two sessions!

In 2017, Zhu Youyong was in haozhiba Village

A potato planting training course was held.

Zhu Youyong, 62,

Its often to lean down, squat and kneel on the ground

Teach you how to grow winter potatoes by hand.

Ma Zhengfa is the first student of winter potato class.

In 2018, he planted ten mu of winter potatoes,

The harvest of 10 mu land was sold for 70000 yuan.

Rich Ma Zhengfa,

It excites everyone,

33 families in the village,

31 households have planted winter potatoes.

The potatoes of the common people are in good harvest,

Zhu Youyong is a pioneer,

Whenever there is a chance, we will spare no effort to shout it out.

In March 2018, in the representative channel of the national two sessions,

As a deputy to the National Peoples Congress

Zhu Youyong grows potatoes from his hometown,

When he arrived at the Great Hall of the people,

To the national media.

Zhu Youyong holds a 2kg potato,

Excitedly say:

This is after spring

The first fresh potatoes in China.

The shredded potatoes in Beijing this season,

Four out of five are made of our potatoes.

1500 farmers as students,

Write research papers on the earth!

The other day,

#The academician collected 1500 peasant students

Get attention online.

The academician who swipes the screen on the Internet is Zhu Youyong.

In order to ensure that villagers do not return to poverty,

Zhu Youyong decided to open a skill training course,

Academicians and experts teach lessons for the common people,

Hands on live demonstration,

Teaching by hand in the field.

The threshold for admission of academician Zhu only requires one condition:

Want to get rich?

His training courses are not only free of charge,

They also take care of eating and giving away free camouflage clothes and rubber shoes.

u25b3 Zhu Youyong gives lessons to the students

In addition to winter potatoes and forest Panax notoginseng,

Zhu Youyong and his team also set up early winter vegetables

Tea planting, forestry class, pig and cattle breeding class, etc

There are 24 skill classes before and after,

More than 1500 local talents have been trained.

Someone asked.

Are academicians teaching farmers overqualified?

Zhu Youyong waved and said with a smile:

These villagers are more serious than college students and graduate students.

I have been engaged in agriculture all my life, and I will use it to help the poor.

Seeing his scientific research achievements grow all over the country,

Watching the villagers get rich and laugh,

I am really happy and satisfied!

u25b3 60 students from 20 townships in Lancang County are taking part in the rural e-commerce course.

What makes Zhu Youyong warm most is that,

Come back every morning,

His door is always hanging

Cooked eggs, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.

He said:

I was treated so well,

We must have a grateful heart,

Teach them our skills.

Make them rich, make their days better,

Return their love!

Zhu Youyong is not fighting alone,

In the battle field of winning and overcoming poverty,

There are also tens of thousands of scientific and technological workers,

They sweat all over the fields,

Write the paper on the earth!

Today, to academician Zhu Youyong,

And tens of millions of people take root in the countryside,

Pay tribute to the hard work and sweat of science and technology workers!

Source: editor in charge of Economic Daily: Du Shuo, nb12556