Celebrating more than one year as a guide for youth transforming the world

 Celebrating more than one year as a guide for youth transforming the world

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Since the news of the opening shooting of Qing Nian, it has been defined by the outside world as a refined, heavy and gloomy drama style. The posters and trailers released earlier have made this impression even deeper. And what we see - is it an ancient costume drama with lots of laughs?

Fan Xians brain hole and artistic obstruction bring long lost laughter and novel experience to the drama market. Its nice to see a play that has no threshold, but its curious to see a non original work like hard candy Jun: the famous work of male frequency, Qingnian, is such a cool article?

Obviously, Wang Jui, the screenwriter, added more relaxed elements to the original witty strokes of Maoni in the adaptation. But whats more remarkable is that under the original Enlightenment core and the films multi perspective interpretation of the novel, Qing Yu is not a flood of cool drama.

Fan Xian is always searching for the weak connection between self and world like a duckweed in the rain. On top of his rich worldly character, he goes to experience and start from scratch. Therefore, in the seemingly absurd and funny plot, we can more realize the thick and heavy relationship between idealism and pragmatic impulse.

It has a popular and commercial appearance, and inside is the expression of feelings, ideals and values. Its a relaxed low entry threshold + in-depth emotional experience. This time, the male TV series really found the right way.

On two ways of ideal

The introduction of Qing Yu Nian is very interesting. Zhang Qing, a student of literature history, is not recognized by Prof. ye for his paper on analyzing ancient literature with modern ideas. So he wrote a novel and used fan Xians story to illustrate his argument.

In such a two-tier structure, fan Xian has both self-concept and is influenced to a certain extent by Zhang Qing. He thinks that all people are equal, so he doesnt like the domineering housekeeper; he has justice in mind, so he wants to play tengzijing in the desperate situation; he opposes the inferiority of father and son, so he asks his father who wronged his younger brother to apologize to the other party.

The more different, the more humorous. Contrast everywhere, full of tension. Qing Yu Nian narrates ancient stories from the perspective of modern youth: it not only forms the contrast of space and time between the virtual and the real, but also produces the relative collision of ancient and modern thoughts.

The contrast of time and space creates endless holes in the brain and artistic stems, which greatly extends the visibility of the drama. For example, fan ruoro learned renewal and Romance from fan Xianshen. When fan Xian ridiculed her as intelligence basin, fan ruoro asked: what is intelligence and what is basin?

Fan Xians helplessness lies in the modern vocabulary of chicken with duck, while his loveliness lies in his willingness to let ancient people touch more advanced ideas. He can be like the ancients, for the devalued dream of the red chamber, saying the amazing words without learning, without learning, without ambition, without learning. It can also be like a modern man, who, together with his father and aunt, dedicates large-scale performances to relatives, making his younger brother suspect life.

But the collision of thought is the smile in the shallow layer, and the philosophical thinking of human nature and social system in the deep layer. From the question that the servants are willing to be enslaved to the reflection on the whole social justice and feudal imperial power. Ye Qingmeis words left at the gate of Jianzha hospital are the Enlightenment Declaration of civilized peoples wisdom. And fan Xians consciousness is the courage of modern youth to transform their lives.

I hope that the law of the Qing Dynasty will be established for the sake of the people, not for the sake of nobility and tolerance, not for poverty and deprivation, not for unjust cause, not for the combination of force and crime, and that it will be like upholding the sword, breaking the monsters and fans, not for the sake of gods. At the moment when he walked out of the hospital, fan Xian looked at all kinds of people in the street, and the time and space suddenly stagnated: he finally understood his mothers great vows and hard dreams.

However, ye Qingmei and fan Xian, who also have modern thinking, have different transformation ideas. This kind of personality separation not only makes the characters vivid, but also makes the ideas they convey profound.

The ideal leaf light eyebrow, has the big persons arrogance, she wants to change the world by ones own strength. My life is endless. My heart is filled with sea power to move mountains.

The secularized Fanxian has the universality of small citizens. He is good at using the wisdom of Trinket to protect himself, but he finally chose the righteousness of Chen Jinnan to find a justice for the world.

From ye Qingmei to fan Xian, what we see is the final compromise of idealism, or the inner persistence of secular people? This is also the choice that every modern youth is facing.

All living things are in the same way in ancient and modern times

If the dream of Red Mansions is an encyclopedia of ancient society, then the celebration of more than one year is an ideal guide for modern youth. From fan Xian to the portrayal of various characters, the seemingly relaxed plot answers the serious proposition of how to spend life.

Lin Waner, who is the body of a young lady and the life of a servant girl, has the courage to break the feudal marriage. Id rather die than marry if Im not a good man, she said, and even if I decide to back out, I choose to speak up in front of each others eyes.

Teng Zijing offends the powerful because of fighting against injustice. He is discouraged, but he doesnt fight against the old couple who pay for their grievances. Fan Xian penetrates Teng Zijings heart. You say your heart is cold, but its not. Thats why I help you. Fan Sizhe, who seems to be a dandy, is seen by fan Xian as a talent in arithmetic and tells his father that his brothers wealth collection is a career that he subconsciously wants to get close to Fan Jians head of the household.

The typical characters condensed the typical meaning: Fan Xian is the last color of idealist, his cowardice and resistance make people feel the same;

Ye Qingmei is a Mimetic expression of womens independence and participation in social transformation;

Qing emperor embodies the sadness of feudal imperial power. With the development of the plot, Qing emperors spiritual death itself is the verdict of modern consciousness on the backward system.

In addition, the external cold and internal heat of wuzhu, Chen Pingpings protection of Ye Qingmei, and Bingyuns family righteousness are all conveying the beauty of human nature in adversity, so that the audience can see themselves in the mirror. Up to the emperors courtiers and down to the peddlers, the cross-sectional character system of Qing Nian is like a microscope of social observation. Different from the reality, it also includes all living beings.

As for the top matching and angle selection, the old, middle and young pyramid type actors make the final presentation as realistic as the role setting.

Chen Daoming, the Playboy, plays the role of emperor again. When he eats wonton, he can ask the officials to kneel down. Wu Gang and Yu Rongguang join in. Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin and other small and powerful students gather together. They also catch up with the new top Xiao war, which further enlarges the tension of the drama.

Still photos of celebrating the year

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It is also the difference advantage of Qing Yu Nian that fine division is not separated. The lines combined with the plot are ancient and modern, and the text is ancient, and the white part is hilarious; the plot takes fan Xian as the clear line, and ye Qingmei as the dark line, which shows the mountains and rivers of Qingguo and the peoples livelihood. It has epic and magnificent temperament.

Just like Bakhtins discussion on the basic starting point of creative imagination, it is not an abstract landscape running through the observers emotions, but a corner of human history, a historical time condensed in space Therefore, the double-layer structure of natural geographical space + human geographical space in Qingnian undoubtedly creates a sense of home and hometown for us.

Fan Xian copied excellent classical literature, in the final analysis, only to find the spiritual hometown. Thats why it makes people feel weird and kind to see women holding their children to sell a dream of Red Mansions, and angry to leave when hearing Guo Baokuns forbidden book. Celebrating the years is the blood of traditional civilization, which is something we cant lose.


Celebrating more than one year emphasizes the group portrait play. In addition to the standard growth line for boys, the All-Star team of men and women in ancient costume is like a time custom painting, which will catch your heart.

Generally speaking, the standard online novels are all about the protagonists single line narrative. Adding multi perspective narrative to film adaptation will undoubtedly increase the winning side of multi adaptation to the needs of the audience. However, the collision between modern thinking and ancient system in Celebrating more than one year broke the single linearity of the core. The audience not only relished the burden of wit, but also consciously recognized the choice of the heros value and the dilemma.

Still photos of celebrating the year

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In addition to the content level route correction, the development process changes can not be ignored. Different from the previous mode that a large number of male TV dramas were developed by film and television companies to buy off the novel copyright, Qing Nian is a typical IP go home.

In the early years, the novel copyright of Celebrating more than one year was sold to dark blue film and television and the era of entertainment. Tencent films copyright for Celebrating the year came into effect in March 2018, but in 2017 Tencent film communicated with the former copyright owners for joint development. With the strategic partner Xinli joining in as a joint contractor, and reading is the source of novel IP, Tencent film, Xinli TV, dark blue film and television, reading group, Chinese entertainment era, etc Hainan Radio and television CO produced Celebrating more than one year.

We dont say who has more ingenuity. No matter for Tencent, Xinli and Yuewen, the big IP in their hands is a long-term business, which is enough to make them more dedicated to our production and follow-up development.

Aiming at Celebrating more than one year, Tencent film industry launched film adaptation and game development at the same time. At present, the same name mobile game Celebrating more than one year has started to make an appointment at the same time, which is different from the simple authorization mode in the early years. This time, from the linkage of the drama tour to the character design, all of them are connected. For standard film and television companies, acting itself is the realization link. As for Tencents film and television industry, the film and television industry is not just for the purpose of circle fans, but also for the purpose of adding value to IPs user sentiment in the form of episodes. The longer industrial chain also makes it more attentively carry out a complete planning in the early stage - after all, it is not a one-off purchase and sale, which can be seen as Tencents fans based on Tencents new cultural and creative ecology, who are IP fans in various forms A practice of emotional and commercial value-added.

How clear is the birth of a good story, and finally let the hard candy King come down to commercial value this vulgar thing. It seems that even if you wear it, you can only be a fan Xian. You cant be a generation of goddess, ye Qingmei. But in any case, its the hard truth to pursue drama together!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming, nv5736