Xiao Yuliangs impromptu dance at the conference of anti deception

 Xiao Yuliangs impromptu dance at the conference of anti deception

The film is the first one in China to focus on the insurance industry from the perspective of insurance investigators. The play is very innovative and topical in the theme. In addition, the setting of characters is also a bright spot. Xiao Yuliang plays the talented young Miro in the play, a walking Baidu Encyclopedia with the strongest brain.

At the beginning of the conference, Xiao Yuliang, Gao Ren and fan Meng brought a sitcom corresponding to the plot, which quickly aroused the atmosphere of the scene. Then asked by the host, whats the biggest difference between you and Miro? Xiao xiaoyuliang said with a smile that Miro is a genius, comparable to a human computer, and he may be more like a naive to cause the whole audience to burst into laughter. During the dance, Xiao Yuliang and other creators brought wolf disco to everyone, and the atmosphere was very warm. After that, Xiao Yuliang also danced a section of blissful pure land on the spot, which was loved by many netizens: Xiao Yuliang danced so handsome! He was shy, cool and lovely while dancing! he wanted to see the complete version!

Xiao Yuliang once played Zhuang Changyu in the story of choosing the sky, and Zhang Qiling in the sand sea, and gradually became known by virtue of his wonderful performance. Anti deception will be officially launched in Tencent on December 4. How will Xiao Yuliang interpret the talented young Miro? Lets see!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie