Film stand on tiptoe and say love you is released to witness the birth of supermodel

 Film stand on tiptoe and say love you is released to witness the birth of supermodel

The film tells about Lin Shuangzi, a model who likes to sleep late and lacks self-confidence. In the model contest held by the school, Lin was accidentally involved in a commercial war. Under the operation of Lu Jiaxuan, chairman of Yinghua group, Lin Shuangzi entered the final of the model contest with the second place result. Lu Jiaxuan found that he fell in love with Lin Shuangzi and launched a fierce pursuit through their relationship. However, Xia Qingyou, lujiaxuans admirer, and Lang Kun, his assistant, set up Lin Shuangzi everywhere because of his jealousy and love. Lin Shuangzi finally got courage to overcome many difficulties through his own continuous efforts and lujiaxuans help.

Xu yingzi, the heroine, has many womens shadows in this era. She is eager to be independent and has a vague feeling about her feelings, but she is not lazy about her work. At the beginning of the film, the heroine is just a rookie student studying in the modeling college. At the end of the film, she struggles all the way to participate in the modeling competition with her own efforts and becomes a popular model, which makes the audience witness a supermodel The road to fame.

The film not only shows the growth of the characters, but also presents the back side of the model industry for the audience. It describes the current situation and competitive pressure of the model industry that is not known to the public. In addition to the heroine Xu yingzi, there are several female characters who compete together in the supermodel competition. Each person represents a different survival philosophy of supermodel workplace. After watching it, it will have a more profound impact on the model industry Understanding.

The ultimate poster of urban fashion guide is exposed today

In addition to showing the fierce competition in the model industry, the film also focuses on the perfection of clothing modeling, which is close to the urban trend. The movie depicts the taste and charm of the urban beauties, and conveys the cutting-edge fashion life concept. From the aspects of fashion, consumption, lifestyle and other aspects to achieve all-round display, from the beginning of the movie, the audiences eyeballs are all the way full, which can be said to be the fashion guide for contemporary urban men and women.

The final poster of the film was also exposed at the same time. In the poster, Lin Shuangzi, the heroine, had a gorgeous transformation. The male and female masters gazed at each other, feeling strange and familiar, as if they had met for the first time. Two people, one is the chairman of a large group, the other is a small model. Fate is so wonderful.

The movie stand on tiptoe and say love you has been officially released in the national cinema today.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)