Life has you hot show love song only you life MV Online

 Life has you hot show love song only you life MV Online

Only you can reach the end of your life Jin Zhiwen and Huang Tingting sing the most emotional confession

Todays release of the movie only your life MV takes the innocent and beautiful campus love story in the movie as the clue, and tells the love story of the two couples in the movie, i.e. Zhong Ouyang and Fang Yao, Meng Yifei and Lei, to the audience. In the 1990s, their love on campus ushered in two different endings. Music is my dream. And you are my faith. Ouyang, the boy who once had the biggest dream, finally found his life goal with the help of Fangyao. Meng Yifei, who once idled away his time, also made up his mind to change after meeting Lailei. Love is like the medicine of youth, let the dream burst out dazzling brilliance. However, at the end of the story, a couple ushered in a happy reunion, and a group of lovers regretted to miss, becoming precious memories of each other, which made the audience sigh.

Singers Jin Zhiwen and Huang Tingting, with their delicate and warm songs, sang the most affectionate confession to their lovers, placing the audience in the story of the film.

Pay homage to youth, pay homage to folk songs, every song in the movie can touch the heartstrings

Since its release, the movie life has you has exceeded 40 million box office. It not only awakens the audiences good memories of their youth, but also presents a love letter to the era of the ballad in white. After watching the movie, many audiences are immersed in the moving atmosphere of thousands of people singing together life has you. They are reluctant to leave for a long time. This song is one of my favorite ballads. The campus life is so simple and happy. A guitar, a song, a memorable memory. I couldnt help tears when I saw the campus singers who had influenced a generation, such as Shuimu Nianhua, laolang, Li Jian, Gao Xiaosong and ye Bei, on the big screen. This movie is a tribute to the youth of that generation!

Not only that, the soundtrack in the film also follows the folk music style, and each capital can arouse the audiences resonance. Its worth mentioning that the soundtrack of you in life movie has been launched on the music platform. The album includes 12 movie songs, including life with you, dont forget, so young man, life with you and youth dance music, which brings the audience a high hearing experience.

The movie life has you tells the story of Fang Yao, a female student in the Foreign Language Department of Shuimu University, and Ou Yang, a male student in the architecture department, who met each other in the best years of their youth, and then became the most precious memories of each others pure love stories. At present, they are in the national hit.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)