The movie if I can ride the waves with you releases the ultimate Trailer

 The movie if I can ride the waves with you releases the ultimate Trailer

Blue waves witness lovers agreement, pure love story, passing on courage and growth

The deep and light interlaced, rich layers of blue occupy the background picture of the poster in a large area. Waves, beach, sunshine, lovers sincere eyes, blushing cheeks due to shyness, all of these elements make the ultimate poster of the film particularly bright in winter. The couple, who are standing by the sea with their surfboards, seem to have made an appointment to ride the waves together next time. However, in the final notice, the heroines sister said, wake up, my brother cant come back, which makes the appointment seem to be far away. How will the heroine who loses her boyfriend achieve the goal of sharing the waves with him again?

The movie if I can ride the waves with you is about the fantasy love story of the two lovers who have never had a ghost relationship. The heroine Xiang shuicaizi is a surfer who moved to the seaside city because of her college entrance. Although she is fearless on the waves, she has little confidence in her future. Poppy port is a young firefighter with a sense of justice. They met in a fire, but were separated by an accident at sea. At the time of Japanese cuisines failure, I found that as long as they sang their own love songs, Hong Kong would appear beside their girlfriend in the way of water shaped boyfriend. But how long can Japanese food rely on its boyfriend? There are always waves in life to rush up by yourself. As the trailer says, the heros wish is to accompany his girlfriend all the time, until the Japanese cuisine can rush up the waves in Shanghai. Hong Kong has changed a way of being. With constant love and constant wish, she has given her the greatest encouragement and courage to face the waves of life alone.

Show the audience sweet, toothache, heartache, fantasy painting style, tender healing power

The hero Hong Kong is different when he appears in the trailer. In the small river, in the water glass and in the rain, he is the water boyfriend that Japanese dishes can be on call and carry with them. Whether its a boyfriend in the medium of water or a boyfriend in the memory of Japanese cuisine, every little day in Hong Kong and Japanese cuisine gets along with each other is high sweet dog abuse, and the audience even says the single dog howls in the cinema. However, the more perfect the hero Hong Kong is, the more regrettable the relationship between the two is. The audience is moved and wept for their mutual love. Tears are not worth money, crying to Mascara paste eyes, this seemingly beautiful, but can not touch, destined to separate love, will certainly make many viewers moved.

As said in the award speech of if I can ride the waves with you given by the Shanghai Film Festival, the film uses excellent animation performance to perfectly balance and integrate animation, color and music, and presents an extraordinary and fascinating story with magical realism and unique emotional performance.. Tang Xianzheng Ming, the ghost of the animation, was not disappointed. Although he shot the pure love theme for the first time, he was able to play his imagination freely. The fantasy setting of water boyfriend, as well as various forms of the sea in the film, as well as various dynamic surfing, each picture is smooth, aesthetical and even beyond the reality. The love between the male and female protagonists, with the perfect coordination of animation vision, is like the ensemble of water and fire, which conveys some metaphysical poetry. And the theme of the movie does not stop at pure love, just as the title implies, if I can ride the waves with you is behind the because of you, I become a better myself. Besides the sweet or sadistic plot, there is more healing gentle power.

The fantasy love animated film if I can ride the waves with you will be released on December 7.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)