Li Tans cameo in the film the man caught by light

 Li Tans cameo in the film the man caught by light

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that the golden screenwriter Dong Runnian directed and wrote the drama, with Huang Bo, Wang Luodan, Tan Zhuo, Bai Ke, Huang Lu, song Chunli and Wen Qi as the leading actors, Ding Xihe, Li Jiaqi and LV Xingchen as the leading actors, Jiao Junyan, Li Qian, Li Tan and Wang Ju as the friendship actors, and Huang Jues special realistic love topic blockbuster the man caught by light will be released on December 13, and will be released on December 13 A special edition of birthday of Li was released today. In the final preview released recently, Li Tan threw out a direct question to the hearts of the people in the preview are we poor people or liars? the golden sentence of poison chicken soup stabbed the love pain of the characters in the film. In todays latest special issue, Li birthday turned into the most cost-effective guest actor of the year, unlocking the triple title of emotional tutor, trump card sales and anthropologist, brain hole flying, fancy and exclusive love talk, adding a lot of topics to this new years blockbuster. According to the data of Maoyan and taopiao platforms, at present, the movie imagination index ranks first in the same schedule.

Lis comments on the topic of love

In the latest Lishan special edition of the film the man caught by light, Lishan, the guest actor with the highest annual performance price ratio, plays three programs with her own strength. In three different small theaters, Lishan sharply expounds the love viewpoint, and the words are full of unique Christmas essence, which makes netizens exclaim: the operation of total egg kneels! In the first lecture of thousands of families, Professor Christmas took the lead in opening a lecture, believing that light has nothing to do with whether two people love each other. One light cant determine the sincerity of each others feelings. He also exposed the golden sentence love is up to oneself, learn to deceive oneself, only self consolation can push the progress of human civilization which also attracted netizens to leave a message: the life of contemporary young people The truth is in my heart In the second love defense program, he incarnated himself as an emotional expert, continuously questioning and discussing the love after white light. Just as all the audience were deeply convinced by his words, the painting style suddenly changed. Li Tan, an emotional expert, seamlessly switched her new status of trump card sales. From marriage to taking wedding photos, she put forward the nine word mantra that love her and take her wedding photos. Thus, she launched the journey of light travel brand, where there is light, take it! Make a lot of netizens laugh.

At the end of the special edition, Li Tan, who has the triple title of emotional tutor + trump card sales + anthropologist, once again presented a bowl of poisonous chicken soup to the audience, be happy, otherwise what can I do? The netizens teased Li Tan: Mr. Dan, I advise you to be kind!.

Li Shengs special is humorous and easy, leaving more suspense. The first appearance on the big screen is due to its deep relationship with the film

In the special edition, Lis make-up before and after and Brazilian baked oil make the whole special egg more humorous and relaxed. And who else will be caught by the light? It aroused the strong interest of the audience: is this special series a serial? Look forward to it!

Not only is birthday style humor particularly attractive, but also why Li Sheng can appear in the film arouses the infinite curiosity of the audience. It is understood that he is also closely related to the film. In his collection of novels cold field, there is a short story after white light, which is deeply loved by the readers. Careful readers have noticed that Li Zi explicitly thanked Dong Runnian, the director of the man captured by light, in his book. The original idea of after white light came from the director, and Li Ran used the same person on the basis of the director The names of objects are matched with different plots to create a unique story.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)