The new generation of female hit star mother in the movie pioneer is coming on stage

 The new generation of female hit star mother in the movie pioneer is coming on stage

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that the movie pioneer has been scheduled for the first day of the year 2020, and winter Recruitment is continuing. The first two rounds of high fire gags have attracted countless viewers. Now, finally wait for the vanguard womens general version of GAGs, direct to the only female member of the vanguard team, mother Miya. As the only female member of the pioneer team, Muqi Miya plays an indispensable role in the film. She cooperates with Jackie Chan, Yang Yang and other members to protect the safety of Chinese in the world. The second time she cooperated with Tang Jili and Jackie Chan, she dared not relax at all. She challenged herself again in the movie pioneer. She will join the pioneer team on the first day of the new year to present a new years super action movie to the audience.

The only female team member of pioneer works hard to master all kinds of body methods

In the movie pioneer, Maiya plays the only female member of the pioneer team. What kind of task does she play in this team? Some people will think that women in action plays are all vases that need no effort and are protected by boys, while mother Miya uses her strength to prove who says women are inferior to men! Knowing that she wants to play a female security team member, in order to cooperate with the whole team seamlessly, her mother Miya is very strict with herself. She said, I dont want to delay, so I have to work very hard.

In the team, as the mother of the fighting master, Miya is soft in the action play. Facing the enemy, she practices martial arts, fight, boxing and other body methods outside the play, so as to exercise her reaction ability, muscle endurance and explosive power. In addition to her high demand for herself, her mother is also very grateful for the help of director Tang Jili and elder brother Jackie Chan. The two play elders not only patiently guide her in the action play, but also lead her into the play in the literary play. The film pioneer is the second cooperation between Miya and Tang Jili and Jackie Chan.

Pioneer mothers Maiya has visited all over the world at the beginning of the new year to see the heroine

The action play has been integrated into the mothers elegant life. She never stays idle in the studio. She always moves her body and joints to warm up for the action play. In life, she will seize all the time to practice and practice until she has no strength, so that she can complete the shooting better. In the shooting of pioneer, the whole crew has traveled to many cities all over the world, and Muqi Miya has fought all the way from Africa to Dubai. The thrilling action plays such as torrent fighting and car chasing have all been on the scene in person, which can be said to fight all over the world! The heavy action drama didnt stop her from further thinking. Her dream is to challenge more action drama in the future.

The film pioneer is directed by Tang Jili, leading the roles of Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Allen, Muqi Miya and Xu Ruohan, and specially invited to play Zhu Zhengting.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)