Indias military milestone: the Navy welcomes the first female pilot

 Indias military milestone: the Navy welcomes the first female pilot

Indian Navy welcomes the first female pilot, new lieutenant Shivangi

Recently, the Indian Navy welcomed its first female pilot, 24-year-old lieutenant Shivangi, who joined the Navy. This is an important milestone in the history of the Indian army.

Its a big thing, I know I have to do it well, he said in an interview, according to CNN on December 2 Before 1992, women in the Indian Navy were only allowed to work in medical services. Since July 1992, the Indian Navy has only accepted women in other positions, including air traffic control, education and training, as well as in meteorological, logistics, investigation and other departments.

Growing up in Muzaffarpur, in Bihar state in the east of India, she said she wanted to be a pilot when she was young. It was very exciting for me to see someone driving a helicopter at my grandfathers house when I was 10 years old, and I also think I might have it in the future. He said. After receiving her degree in mechanical engineering from Sikkim University of mechanics, she began studying at the maravia National Institute of technology in Jaipur. It was there that a recruitment of naval officers at the Academy attracted hivanjee. The Navy officers showed all aspects of their lives, and it inspired me. As a result, he decided to join the army.

In 2018, he graduated from the Indian naval academy and then trained with the Indian naval aviation squadron in Kochi, Kerala State, southwest India. Hivanji said the training process was not easy, but she received strong support from the Koch naval squadron.

People around me are very supportive and I never feel like Im the only woman here because my Squadron, coach and everyone are with me. She said.

Hivangiri will fly the plane to carry out transport and maritime reconnaissance missions. We will also carry out some rescue missions and provide medical services. He said. Sridhar warrier, a spokesman for Indias Ministry of defense, said that the hivanji aircraft will fly over the sea for a long distance and send reconnaissance information back to the center.

According to the Ministry of defense, the Navy now has 735 pilots, but only 644 are actually on duty. The Indian Navy now has more than 200 aircraft, including mig-29k fighters, Boeing p-8i maritime reconnaissance aircraft, as well as several helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft.

In 2016, the Indian Air Force recruited female pilots for the first time. In May 2019, Lieutenant bawana Cantor became the first female pilot qualified to carry out combat missions on a fighter plane. It is reported that two other women will become Navy pilots on December 21.

Source: surging news editor: Li Zaixing