Bowos magical advertisement arouses group ridicule: have you considered the mood of Lamborghini

 Bowos magical advertisement arouses group ridicule: have you considered the mood of Lamborghini

Former CCTV host Lang Yongchun

German Red Dot Design Award, German industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, world famous supplier, 79% aircraft carrier grade steel, three-year battle in Dakar, lifetime warranty In the advertisement, baowo only uses the words good and expensive to summarize many advantages of the brand.

In order to strengthen the communication, bowo specially produced two video versions. Although the content is completely the same, they invited the tiger brother says car keynote speaker Yu Hu and the former CCTV host Lang Yongchun to be the brand best friend.

You can be good, good can be expensive, bowo repeatedly stressed good u00b7 expensive, but the audience didnt seem to buy it

As the advertising slogans in the video are rather thunderous, with some unidentified transitions, and slightly odd music, the advertisement has triggered many netizens Tucao.

Below micro-blog of Bao Wo car, netizen basically Tucao more than ten million Yuan Bao Wo is not expensive at all.

Internet users disputes about baowo ads mainly focus on brand and price. At present, the price of several models sold by baowo in China is between 150000-200000 yuan, the cheapest entry-level model is less than 130000 yuan, and the most expensive bx7ts model is also less than 300000 yuan, which is different from Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other first-line luxury brands with strong product lineup, let alone Lamborghini and other high-end brands.

The official guide price of the cheapest model of baowo is only 129800 yuan, which is totally irrelevant to expensive

Some netizens said with a smile, the second senior brother didnt say expensive. Dont say baowo.

In addition, Lang Yongchun, one of the brands best friends, was detained for three months for drunk driving in 2017. Now baowo has invited him to play the role of auto advertising, which has also caused some controversy.

The baowo automobile, which is called century brand in the advertisement, was founded in 1919 by German engineer Carl baowo, and it is exactly one hundred years up to this year.

However, although the brand founded by Carl Powell once ranked among the top three German automakers, it was bankrupt as early as the 1960s due to poor operation after World War II. From the 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century, the so-called history of baowo brand is almost blank.

Carl Powell, founder of the Powell brand

However, at the 2015 Geneva auto show, Bovo, which has been silent for decades, suddenly announced the brand revival in a high-profile manner. Since 2016, it has released bx7, bx5, BX6, pure electric bxi7 and other models, mainly for the Chinese market.

It turns out that Beiqi Futian, a Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer, bought baowo brand for 5 million euros as early as 2014 and hopes to enter the passenger vehicle market.

It is worth mentioning that when the brand just landed in China, baowo once boasted of top four German brands, bbba and other similar publicity, and had no weakness in the enthusiasm of Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other luxury brands.

In the early propaganda, baowo juxtaposed himself with BBA and called himself the four brothers of German system

However, the baowo purchased by Foton is essentially the brand and design of baowo in the past, and the core technology has not been inherited at all. In fact, as early as the bankruptcy of the old baowo in the last century, its technology is no longer applicable to todays passenger cars. Im afraid Futian is the only one who knows where the core technology of xinbaowo comes from.

As for the so-called four strong German system, it is impossible for consumers to buy accounts, let alone convert them into sales volume. In 2017, the cumulative sales volume of baowo cars with bx7, bx5 and other models was only 44000. During this period, baowo successively experienced high-level blood exchange, and the management was even more turbulent.

In fact, most consumers dont know much about the history of Bovo brand. Baowo not only has limited brand premium ability, but also its quality is not as good as the official propaganda.

According to the complaint information provided by the third-party website, there are quality problems such as loud engine noise, high fuel consumption, jitter and abnormal noise in the flagship bx7 of baowo, and the user satisfaction score is lower than the average level.

The customer satisfaction of bowo bx7 is not high, but there are many complaints. Source: vehicle quality network

The name of the top four German companies not only does not help baowo to establish its foothold in the market, but also brings a lot of negative effects to the brand. At the beginning of 2018, Yang Song, who was in charge of sales at Dongfeng Nissan, was appointed president of baowo automobile, trying to reposition the brand. But in the cold wave of the car market, the cumulative sales volume of baowo further plummeted. In December of the same year, Shenzhou Youche purchased 67% of baowos equity for nearly 4 billion yuan. After taking over baowo in Shenzhou, Yang Song, the former president, also jumped to Changan Ford in April this year. Since 2016, baowo has brought over 4 billion yuan of losses to Futian.

Recently, a new round of marketing has been launched in baowo, which has been quiet for a long time. From the invitation of actor Lei Jiayin as the image spokesperson to the launch of the experience right of drinking coffee lottery to send baowo with Ruixing, to the launch of the magic advertising, Shenzhou has made great efforts to save the century old brand.

However, with the further aggravation of the market downturn, the sales volume of Bovo fell to 27000 vehicles from January to October this year. Some analysts believe that baowo, which is neither expensive nor good, may only exist in the public vision as a travel vehicle in Shenzhou in the future.