Easy one moment voice version: three things in life, getting rid of poverty and single and degreasing

 Easy one moment voice version: three things in life, getting rid of poverty and single and degreasing

When you were little, were you often mixed doubles by your parents?

Whats the reason for the worst fight?

Who is the most disgusting person, the most disgusting person in your life?

Wechat netizen nameless said:

After waiting for a long time, I finally asked the host to ask me this question. Please let me know it anonymously. A man in our company has been smelling like the explosion of his old cottage for years. He loves to eat and drink in the girls dormitory. As soon as he comes over, hes like the explosion of a public toilet. Everyone smells that hes poisoned. I like smoking very much. Its full of stink. Its the same as just eating feces. Wear a pair of khaki casual pants for a long time. As the pants have been worn for a long time, they are wrinkled like cabbage. The middle seam of the pants is clipped in the butt seam. They walk on short legs and talk about Coquettish female colleagues everywhere. They often boast that they are too handsome. I hate to be so handsome. Such a loser often pretends to be unmarried to have an affair with the female colleagues of the company. When I meet such a colleague, I have been a Cixi in my previous life and have done evil.

Compere: how to do, what you describe is too vivid, across the screen I all smell the smell that a thatched cottage explodes It seems that you cant stand it.

Wechat netizen perfectdarling said:

The most annoying person is the boy in the other room sharing the rent. If you dont want to sign up, you have to take care of everything. If you wash yourself, you have to drive others out. If you say something to him, you have to report it on the platform!

Zhu Guli, a wechat netizen, said:

The most annoying person I have ever met is the roommate in our dormitory. I feel that everything should be centered on her. There is a contradiction. Its clearly her fault that we have to coax. I can only endure to graduate from university.

Host: its not easy to endure for four years. Im afraid that some people think they are the center of the earth, and all of them should revolve around her.

Today, I met my beautiful sister at the exit of the subway. She seems to be looking for something in the crowd.

As she passed by, my sister quickly sent me a picture with a bright smile in her eyes.

Brother heart that intoxicated: why so many people do not hair, but to me? Is elder brother so attractive, just like the firefly in the night, so conspicuous?

Look down at the flyer: cosmetic ads.

QQ two groups of netizens cant find north:

Hello, Xiaobian. Id like to order a milk coffee tomorrow, hello for myself and all my friends for a relaxed moment. Its almost a year since I heard it relaxed. Although I met it a little late, its absolutely true love. After listening to all the previous programs, I listen to them on time now. When Im not happy, I go to repeat them. I can always be amused by the interesting stories and the lovely waves. In fact, Im a very easy bereaved person, easy to be sad, easy to lose, easy to be unhappy. But now Im much better. Thanks for bringing me so much joy and sunshine with a relaxed moment. Ive also known so many excellent and lovely companions. Im very happy to talk and laugh with my parents from all over the world. Half of my life has passed, but I always feel that I am still a child and dont want to grow up. Sometimes I feel that I am very naive. Today, I am going to be one year old again. Although no one remembers it, I want to say happy birthday to myself here! Looking back for so many years, its like a long dream. The muddleheaded one came to the present and finally woke up. If life didnt give me what I wanted, he at least let me know what I didnt want. Separate from the past, let the past go with the wind! People always have to learn to grow up and look forward. I hope that in all the days to come, everyone will be happy, healthy, smooth and happy. All the efforts will be rewarded, live as they want! I hope its easier and better. Dabo has thick hair. Come on! Tomorrow, Hello!

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