Burst! This morning in a car accident, many pedestrians on the zebra crossing were hit

 Burst! This morning in a car accident, many pedestrians on the zebra crossing were hit

Previously reported:

This morning

Some fans reported that

Guanlan dashuikeng No.1 village bus station

A serious traffic accident happened

Are there any casualties?

How is the scene?

From the video provided by the public

Two of the injured were lying under the wheels of a van

A man is calling for help

Reporter of the first scene rushed to the scene to find out the situation

About 7:20 this morning

A traffic accident happened at the bus platform of dashuikeng village, Guanlan, Longhua

A truck is suspected of not braking in time

Knock down pedestrians on the zebra crossing

At present, the injured have been sent to Longhua Central Hospital

According to witnesses

Three people were knocked down at the time of the accident

120 ambulance to the scene

One of the injured is suspected to have died

The cause of the accident is under further investigation

Cherish life and stay away from big trucks

For most drivers

Im afraid its not strange

But in real life

There are numerous traffic accidents caused by large trucks

We have also reported a lot about this kind of traffic accident

Electric vehicles collide with freight cars to avoid construction barriers

At about 7:29 a.m. on September 2, the mother of Xiaohuang, an 8-year-old girl, drove her daughter to school in an electric car. When she reached the intersection of Minle East Street, Baoan Avenue, she collided with a truck in the same direction of the motorway, resulting in the death of the girl.

A woman on a bicycle is drawn into the bottom of a wheel by a large Trailer

On October 29, a woman was riding an electric bicycle beside a large truck. Due to the small space left by the road, she was crushed to the ground and crushed by the truck. Finally, she died.

Dont show up at these locations in a van

Remind drivers again

Crossing the road

Slow down and park politely!

And remind people

Do not cross the road

Obey the rules, press the light to stop!

Source: he Yufang, editor in charge of Shenzhen traffic police: nn5632