Dont bully me, Fu Jianren. Im fierce

 Dont bully me, Fu Jianren. Im fierce

Planning ktsuki

Soft cute on the left, tough guy on the right

Gentle, modest and aggressive

This is Fu Jianren with two faces

Fujian is a place with many cultures

The local customs in the East, the west, the north and the South have their own highlights

A sweet sentence of Minnan people

Whoa, whoa! Ill tell you

Melting the sea breeze from the Pacific

It looks scary

Its Fu Jianrens exclusive bravery

Some people always say that Fujian boys are macho

In fact, the young generation with overlapping values

Instead, he dotes on his other half

I have a boyfriend from Fujian

Only to find out that boys are so coquettish

They seldom lose their temper

Special attention to life

Its nothing to be able to make tea

Keep a set of customized tea bowl with name

Its the real fujianren

With the latest super fire song born after the field

Call for salt and sweet Hu Jianleng!

Ze Lang, Ze Xilang

Fast tile plastering

No fear, no fear

Im a kid

Wind, rain, wind, sun

I just dare to fight



Source: Urban roaming plan Author: responsible editor of urban roaming plan: Wu qianju nb12650