Zhang Yunlei apologizes for the performance of cross talk: four times he said Im sorry

 Zhang Yunlei apologizes for the performance of cross talk: four times he said Im sorry

First of all, I want to say sorry to Mei Baojiu, Li Shiji and Zhang Huoding, the Beijing opera performing artists, your family and all the fans. I feel deeply remorse for the injury and trouble I caused you in the previous crosstalk performance. I sincerely apologize here. Im sorry!

I also want to apologize to the public, because my personal misconduct, the consumption of social resources, take up everyones time, let you down, Im sorry!

On December 31, 2018, in Qingdaos new years performance, my words were inappropriate. After the event, I always warned myself to respect art and tradition, to be strict with myself, to know how to be grateful and to further process and sort out the content of my performance, and to eliminate the inappropriate content. This time, there were language problems related to the previous performance in Beijing on May 19, 2018, which made me feel guilty. After the event, I also actively contacted these artists or their families to make a sincere apology.

For similar problems in some of my previous works, I dont expect to shift things from time to time, and Im willing to accept criticism and bear the consequences. My strict requirements are to help me improve and urge me to improve. I also determined the direction that I should strive to improve in the future: learn morality and art well. I also hope that all the people who like me support me, help me and urge me!

Im sorry again!

Zhang Yunlei teases Beijing Opera actress Zhang Huoding: bath with her

On November 23, a netizen exposed a cross talk clip of Zhang Yunlei and Yang Jiulang. In this cross talk, Zhang Yunlei joked about Zhang Huoding. He dumped the burden and said that he had bathed with her and rubbed her. When he rubbed her, he pushed her into the pool.

Zhang Yunlei ridicules the female predecessors, the Chinese Quxie condemns: losing the most basic bottom line

The Chinese Music Associations Cross Talk Art Committee issued a paper expressing its strong indignation and severe condemnation to Zhang Yunlei, Yang Jiulang and Li Shiji, who played ridicule and insulted the famous Peking opera performers, Li Shiji and Zhang Huoding. At the same time, it calls on the relevant cultural management departments to further strengthen the review and supervision, strengthen the supervision and punishment, and jointly create a good cultural performance ecology.