Opening up and win-win foreign investment continues to be optimistic about Chinas market

 Opening up and win-win foreign investment continues to be optimistic about Chinas market

A few days ago, the 2019 Global Procurement Conference held in Wuhan attracted buyers from Russia, Tajikistan, Singapore and other countries. Wego from Russia speaks fluent Chinese. He told reporters that in August this year, he just registered a procurement platform company in China. In less than two months, more than 2000 Chinese enterprises have become platform members.

Wei Gede, vice president of Russias state electronic procurement professional committee: the demand of Chinese enterprises is very large, so our market scale has become larger, and suppliers are also very interested in cooperating with Chinese enterprises, which brings us a very good opportunity.

Its not just Russian businessmen who see the Chinese market. The American Supply Management Association and China Federation of logistics and purchasing recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to train supply chain management talents in China. As a statistical organization of purchasing managers index, the American Association for supply management has been focusing on Chinas economy.

Thomas, President of the American Supply Management Association, I dont think China will have an economic recession. Chinas economic development is strong. The one belt and one way will bring new markets to China. I believe that Chinas economy can well cope with short-term challenges and continue to maintain growth vitality.

In the context of sluggish global trade activities, strengthening cooperation with China has become a consensus of many foreign investors. Maersk, one of the worlds largest container shipping groups, recently invested in the construction of an international logistics center in Ningbo. The Meishan phase I warehouse under construction will be Maersks first fully automated warehouse in the world.

Anthony Randall, supply chain product director of Maersk Asia Pacific: for Maersk, the Chinese market is very important and our largest market. There is a vibrant economy and a rapidly growing middle-income group.

Foreign investment has entered China, which is inseparable from the continuous improvement of Chinas business environment. At the seminar on optimizing business environment hosted by the Ministry of Finance and the world bank last weekend, representatives of foreign chambers of Commerce in China praised Chinas business environment.

Yan Ci, vice president of the European Chamber of Commerce in China: many of our member enterprises believe that Chinas R & D and innovation environment is better than the global average.

Bi Allen, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China: China is continuing to build a transparent, open and open market, and the public procurement field has also been opened.

Mr. Ono, President of China Japan Chamber of Commerce: the foreign investment law and the regulations on optimizing business environment will be implemented next year. We have great expectations.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of Commerce, from January to October, 33407 new foreign-invested enterprises were established in China, with the actual use of foreign investment of RMB 752.41 billion, up 6.6% year on year. China continues to expand its opening up, further optimizes its business environment, and develops with the rest of the world, winning the respect and recognition of foreign businessmen and foreign investors.