Chinas development of vt-5 tanks has been successfully exported to Bangladesh, with an order of 44

 Chinas development of vt-5 tanks has been successfully exported to Bangladesh, with an order of 44

Screenshot: Bangladesh Ministry of Defense

On November 30, Bangladesh released a documentary about its armed forces, which lasted about 44 minutes. This film mainly talks about the history, military construction, mission and future outlook of the armed forces of Bangladesh. In the future outlook part, the Bangladesh Ministry of Defense announced that the Bangladesh army has ordered one Regiment (44) of vt-5 light tanks, which will be soon Join the Bangladesh defense forces.

In recent years, Bangladesh has rapidly promoted national defense modernization. In the force goal 2030 plan of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh army plans to promote the light tank procurement plan and purchase 140 light tanks to cope with the new war in Bangladesh after the 2020s and the geographical environment of its water network.

Vt-5 main battle tank is a brand-new foreign trade tank developed by northern company in response to the international market demand and in accordance with the theory of our own characteristic armor operation. Vt-5 and type 15 tanks are different from each other in terms of demand. They are brand-new foreign trade tanks with mature shelf technology. Therefore, they are not competitive with type 15 tanks. However, in recent years, vt-5 has adopted a large number of design concepts and subsystem technologies of 15 type tank in the improvement of turret and chassis.

Data chart: vt-5 main battle tank in 2018 source: observer network

As a lightweight main battle tank, in the 2017 North Technical Manual, vt-5 tank is equipped with a new generation of domestic 1000 horsepower diesel engine, with a total combat weight of only 36 tons. The tank also uses modern suspension and transmission system, which is the most mobile main battle tank in the current international market.

Vt-5 main battle tank adopts advanced fire control system of hunting and annihilation, new generation 105mm linear bore gun system made in China and automatic loading machine of tail bin, which can launch bta4 tail stable shelling armor piercing projectile, gun launched missile and hard shell. In addition, vt-5 has a variety of protection configurations, which can be equipped with domestic FY-2 and FY-4 reaction armor on the front, turret and side, and also can be equipped with domestic active protection system (APS) as required to intercept low-speed anti tank ammunition, with good protection ability.

Some performance data of vt-5 have been disclosed in CCTVs trump card program, including the maximum traveling speed of 70km / h, the whole body explosion and the tail bin automatic loader, etc.: Social Media

Vt-5 has advanced design concept, but it has a variety of configurations in protection kit, fire control system and information kit to meet the needs of different customers. It is not clear what configuration the vt-5 tank purchased by Bangladesh is.

It is worth mentioning that all tanks in Bangladesh are made in China. The Bangladesh army has 174 tanks of 59 types, which are being upgraded to vt-3 with 125mm bore gun, semi-automatic loader, new turbocharged engine and image stabilizing fire control. It can fight dtw-2 armor piercing projectile. In addition, 44 tanks of vt-1 (mbt2000) and 58 tanks of 69-iia (all upgraded in 2013) Class 69-iig equipped with type 94 105mm long liner gun).

Bangladeshs 69-iig tank, which was sent to China for upgrading in 2010, was equipped with long 105 artillery and a new light point to inject into the fire control map source: Social Media

Social media: a picture of the 59 type dujoy tank refitted by Chinas tank overhaul plant in Bangladesh

Bangladesh MBT-2000 source: Social Media

This will be the first foreign order of vt-5 foreign trade light tank launched by northern industrial group. The export of vt-5 to Bangladesh is of great significance, which means that the design concept of lightweight main battle tank in the new era in China has been recognized by the international market.

Source: editor in charge of observer network: Li Zaixing, nbjs9026