Commentator of Xinhua News Agency: strengthening emergency management system and capacity building

 Commentator of Xinhua News Agency: strengthening emergency management system and capacity building

China is one of the countries with the most serious natural disasters in the world. All kinds of accidents and safety risks are intertwined and overlapped, prone to occur frequently, and the factors affecting public safety are increasing day by day. Preparation is not dangerous. Its the way of the country.. Strengthening the emergency management system and capacity building is not only an urgent task, but also a long-term task.

To strengthen the construction of emergency management system and capacity, we must do a good job in source control, improve the mechanism of risk prevention and resolution, and truly solve the problems at the time of germination and before disasters. All things are done in advance, but not in advance. We should take precautions, strengthen risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, improve the comprehensive monitoring, early risk identification and prediction and early warning capabilities of multiple disasters and disaster chains, strengthen the management of emergency plans, and improve the emergency plan system; we should have a targeted goal, implement precise governance, and achieve accurate early warning release, rescue and rescue, recovery and reconstruction, and supervision and law enforcement; we should manage according to law, and systematically comb Manage and revise relevant laws and regulations of emergency management, strengthen supervision and law enforcement of work safety, and improve the level of legalization and standardization of emergency management by using legal thinking and legal methods; adhere to the masses views and mass line, adhere to social co governance, actively promote grid management of safety risk, fully mobilize all forces, and build a peoples defense line for disaster prevention, mitigation and relief u3002

To strengthen the construction of emergency management system and capacity, team is the key and science and technology is the support. It is necessary to build an emergency rescue team that is both specialized and regular, responsive, excellent in style and high in ability. We should take various measures to strengthen the construction of comprehensive national rescue forces, strengthen the construction of combat effectiveness of emergency rescue teams, vigorously train emergency management personnel, and seize the time to make up for weaknesses and strengths, so as to improve the rescue capacity of various disasters and accidents. Emergency management has the characteristics of high load, high pressure and high risk. The emergency rescue team has a lot of dedication and sacrifice. All aspects should care about and support the team, and enhance the sense of professional honor and attraction. We should strengthen the technical support of emergency management equipment, optimize and integrate all kinds of scientific and technological resources, promote the independent innovation of emergency management science and technology, and rely on science and technology to improve the scientific, professional, intelligent and refined level of emergency management.

Disaster prevention and mitigation, human life; emergency management, the responsibility of Taishan. To strengthen the emergency management system and capacity building, we must tighten the responsibility chain. Only by strictly implementing the responsibility system can party committees and governments at all levels effectively shoulder the political responsibility of promoting one partys development and ensuring one partys safety. We need to establish and improve the investigation and assessment system for major natural disasters and safety accidents, and investigate the responsibilities of the parties according to discipline and law in case of loss or major social impact caused by dereliction of duty. We should give full play to the comprehensive functions of the emergency management department and the professional advantages of all relevant departments, link up the responsibility chain of prevention and rescue, ensure the seamless connection of the responsibility chain, and form an overall joint force, so as to provide a more powerful guarantee for the safety of peoples lives and properties and the long-term social stability.