Boyfriend empathy do not love 30-year-old girl angry to heart broken emergency medical!

 Boyfriend empathy do not love 30-year-old girl angry to heart broken emergency medical!

1. After a big quarrel with her neighbor, she kept feeling chest tightness

In the evening, 120 women in their 40s in Hangzhou were sent to the chest pain center of jiangprovincial peoples hospital. According to the doctors medical history, the woman had a big quarrel with her neighbor about trifles at noon. Although the two sides are even, the final result is regardless of the top and bottom, but the strong patients think that its a loss if they dont win, so they are indignant and trembling with rage. Unexpectedly, she suffered from chest pain and chest tightness, which could not be relieved for several hours. Her family rushed her to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors electrocardiographic examination indicated that the anterior wall myocardial infarction was possible, the disease progressed rapidly, and the patient had the performance of heart failure.

Without delay, Dr. Ding Yahui, deputy director of Cardiology Department of Zhejiang Peoples Hospital and other doctors immediately launched the emergency coronary team for emergency coronary angiography.

Unexpectedly, three coronary arteries were found to have normal blood flow, while the patient was a typical ECG with chest pain and myocardial ischemia Whats going on?

Quarrel, anger and sadness, women and other key words made experienced director Ding Yahui think of a special disease very quickly. He made a quick decision, adjusted his thinking, and immediately performed left ventriculography.

As expected, the contrast examination showed that the patients apical globular expansion and the typical octopus basket like changes appeared in the cardiac ultrasound. As director Ding Yahui expected, the female patients chest pain of intense pain in the heart and mouth, almost unable to breathe, and feeling about to die was due to the Heartbreak syndrome caused by the quarrel. The diagnosis of Heartbreak syndrome was further confirmed by myocardial radionuclide imaging after admission.

At present, the patients have recovered successfully under the treatment of mood calming, anti heart failure and myocardial nutrition.

Wang Lihong and the patient

2. 30-year-old girls heartbreak after lovelorn

In patients with heartbreak syndrome, although it appears that the coronary artery is not blocked, the consequences are also serious. Professor Wang Lihong, director of the Department of Cardiology at the hospital, recalled that a young female patient who had previously been treated for the disease had been often affected by emotional factors such as lovelorn feelings.

At that time, the young woman was also sent to rescue as a myocardial infarction, excluding myocardial infarction and so on, and finally diagnosed as Heartbreak syndrome. According to the parents of the female patients, their daughters heartbreak was caused by a bad man. It turns out that the female patient is nearly 30 years old, and her boyfriend, who had been in love for several years, has come to talk about marriage. Who knows, boyfriend empathy dont love to break up, bitter persuasion still resolutely dont look back. In this case, the female patient with weak feelings suddenly felt thunderbolt from the blue and dark, sitting in the room for several days, and sitting for a whole day. One day at noon, the female patient suddenly felt chest pain, suffocation, no breath. A little medical knowledge of the family think of myocardial infarction, scared, hurriedly called 120.

Without correct diagnosis and rescue, such patients will suffer from heart failure and sudden death. Professor Wang Lihong said that this kind of disease is relatively rare, let alone the ordinary people dont know, the ordinary doctors may encounter one case for many years, I have been in medicine for more than 20 years, and only 10 cases of typical heartbreak syndrome have been encountered.

Heartbreak syndrome can also be called apical spheroidization syndrome and stress cardiomyopathy . It is also named octopus basket cardiomyopathy because its echocardiogram performance is similar to the octopus basket used by Japanese fishermen when fishing. The disease is not really broken heart, but the feeling of pain, just like the heart is really broken.

The image of octopus basket displayed by the patients echocardiography

3. Middle aged women are more likely to break their hearts

Stress cardiomyopathy often occurs in postmenopausal women who are suddenly hit by emotion or have stress state, with high morbidity and mortality. Its clinical manifestations may be the same as those of patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), which is very confusing. The most common symptoms are acute chest pain, dyspnea or syncope, so it is difficult to distinguish them from acute myocardial infarction in general. Professor Wang Lihong said.

But other studies have shown that stress cardiomyopathy can be triggered not only by negative life events, but also by positive life events, such as too excited. It is speculated that although happiness and sadness are different in nature, they may share the ultimate common emotional path, which eventually triggers stress cardiomyopathy.

Professor Wang Lihong reminded that great joy or great sorrow are not advisable, especially for female compatriots, not only when you feel excessively sad, but also when you are very happy, your heart may not be able to bear it!

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The average incidence in women is 7.5 times that in men

Heartbreak syndrome was first discovered and named by Japanese scientists in 1990. It refers to the chest pain, suffocation, shortness of breath and other similar symptoms of heart disease caused by peoples experiences of major external events, such as the death of their loved ones, the death of their loved ones, the bankruptcy of their companies, and the hopelessness of going to school. If heartbreak is ignored and vasospasm is severe, sudden cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest and sudden death will occur. The actual incidence of heartbreak syndrome is not clear, which may account for 1% - 2% of all suspected cases of acute myocardial infarction. (the incidence of acute myocardial infarction in China is about 100000 people and 55 people)

Patients with heartbreak syndrome are more common in middle-aged women. According to the analysis of Japanese scholars, after excluding hypertension, smoking and other factors affecting heart health, the average incidence of this disease in women is 7.5 times that of men, among which the incidence of women under 55 years old is 9.5 times that of men of the same age, and the incidence of women over 55 years old is 3 times higher than that of young women.

How to adjust negative emotions, doctors suggest:

1. When you are sad or angry, dont hold it in your heart. Find someone to talk to. Talk to your family and friends more, spit out bitter water, say something, and your mood will get better. This is someone who helps you share your sorrow.

2. Vent. When you are sad, go to exercise and get fit. Exercise is a very good way to vent. Through exercise, you can stretch all over your body. This kind of body comfort can affect your mood and achieve the purpose of relieving your negative mood.

Source: editor in charge of Qianjiang Evening News: Li Chao, nb12814