Gao Yixiangs death and collapse of his best friend

 Gao Yixiangs death and collapse of his best friend

Lu Yi burst into tears on the way to get on the plane, and the whole person seemed to have only one body left. I didnt collapse until I saw you lying in the box and the big long legs were still not stuffed in. Want to shout you wake up! How could this be... Later, I think you are not suitable for this mortal world. Because you are an angel sent by God. Wedonu201dtdeserveyouu3002u201d He also revealed that when I got off the plane and met the person of Zhejiang TV, I immediately wanted to give him a blow to feel angry for my friend, but Gao PA and Gao Ma were not angry at all, but comforted each other hard work, you dont want to do this. At this time, he put his temper down and said, because goodness is your legacy, I cant destroy it..

Gao Yixiang said I cant do it before falling down. Hearing that Lu Yi was reluctant to give up, because his good brother never complained about his work, you are really tired. When I help you to go back to your room to collect your luggage, your heating is very strong. In fact, you have a cold, right? Only then knew that the friend video that day extremely possibly supports the sick body to go on stage.

In fact, Lu Yi met Gao Yixiang when he was 15. From Vancouver To Taipei, we have been to various countries, too many memory points let me think of you. Im 34 years old and I havent experienced the pain and tear from the deepest part of my body. But I dont blame you for leaving first, because you have given me enough.

Lu Yi and Gao Yixiang have agreed to see heaven in the future. Before that, he will take good care of his brothers family. After that, your familys big and small affairs are also my business. Thisisstillnotagoodbyebrotheruff0cbutImissyousomuchu3002u201d

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