The most powerful womens Volleyball World Club Cup in history

 The most powerful womens Volleyball World Club Cup in history

The team of this world Club Cup is the strongest in history. There are not only champions and runners up in the European and South American leagues, but also two big teams from Turkey. The womens volleyball team of Tianjin Bohai bank and Guangdong Evergrande participated in the World Club Cup on behalf of China Club.

On the spot, Zhu Ting, the leader of Tianjin Womens volleyball team, is undoubtedly the focus of the media. Just two days ago, Zhu Ting looked a little tired after playing in the top 8 of the womens volleyball Super League with Liaoning team. She said that she was very happy to come to Shaoxing to participate in the World Club Cup and would work hard with her teammates to challenge the champion.

In fact, Tianjin Womens volleyball team has the strength to win the championship. On the basis of Yao Di, Li YingYing and Wang Yuanyuan, the former main force of the worlds first major attack Zhu ting and the former main force of the American womens volleyball team were recruited to his team, and then the strong players such as Yuan Xinyue joined in, forming a strong main force team. However, in the face of equally strong opponents, it is obviously not an easy thing to win the championship.

As Zhu Tings old employer, Turkeys wakiev bank womens volleyball team is the defending champion of this competition. Although Zhu Tings departure is a big blow to the team, wakiev bank womens volleyball team is still a strong contender for the championship of this competition. The joining of Brazilian star Gaby is undoubtedly to make up for the gap of the main attack position. Tianjin Womens volleyball team and wajifu bank womens volleyball team are divided into group B, and they will fight against each other on the night of the 6th.

The Novara womens volleyball team of Italy participated in the World Club Cup as a Champions League champion. Another Italian team, the corneliano womens volleyball team, also has great strength. Brazils Minas womens volleyball team and Brazils Beach Womens volleyball team will also attack the better results in Shaoxing for the second time. And Guangdong Evergrande womens volleyball team, which represents China in the World Club Cup after six years, is also expected to surpass the best result of the third place created before.

The womens World Club Cup will begin this morning. Eight teams are divided into a and B groups. The first two teams of the group cross into the semi-finals. The winners compete for the second place in the championship and the losers for the second place. The other four teams will have the last four qualifying matches. Our reporter Yang Jian

Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Cao Liqiao and ns1806