The full-time tuition fees of E-sports training courses are nearly 30000. Most of the underage students have poor academic performance

 The full-time tuition fees of E-sports training courses are nearly 30000. Most of the underage students have poor academic performance

The regular season of 2019 hero league professional league spring match is held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. China News Agency reporter Wang Gang information map

Just over the past weekend, the All Star Weekend Events of the hero League mainland China competition area ended, and the professional electric candidates showed their skills and enjoyed cheers on the stage. Most of them are in their 20s, but they already have the money and reputation that many people struggle for years to get.

E-sports players have become a career that many young people yearn for, and E-sports youth training has gradually become popular.

In addition to the youth training camps held by the e-sports teams and game officials, the number of expensive training camps organized by third-party organizations has gradually increased. Behind the popularity of E-sports youth training, is it really helpful for children to embark on a career path?

The cross strait E-sports competition for college students sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Sports Federation and Jiangsu E-sports association was officially opened in Nanjing. More than 140 college students from 18 universities in mainland and Taiwan participated in the competition. Yangbo data map

E-sports is different from many traditional sports, the players career starts early and peak period is short. Take the League of heroes as an example. The Ig team, which won the world finals in 2018, had five starters with an average age of less than 20 when they won the championship, while the former world top player mlxg, who retired this year, was only 23.

Therefore, if you want to become a professional E-sports player, you need to start high-intensity training from your youth. At present, Chinas E-sports youth training can be simply divided into three categories: youth training organized by the team, youth training organized by the official game organization and youth training organized by a third party.

The finals of the 2019nest national E-sports competition (hero League) were held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. Information map of Qu honglun, reporter of China News Agency

In order to ensure the construction of talent echelon, the team will select materials from various channels and organize its own youth training team. For example, the well-known EDG E-sports club has two projects with youth training echelon. The hero League echelon was established in 2016. At present, there are more than ten people. The king glory youth training began to organize in the first half of 2019, and the number of people is about to reach 8.

It can be said that to be able to enter the youth training system within the team, the game level is relatively high, and it is only a step away from becoming a professional player, but this is only the rare elite talent among the youth training candidates participating in the e-Competition.

Some game officials will also organize youth training camps to select talents for the team. Taking the League of heroes as an example, an application notice for youth training camp was issued on August 28, which has been up to now, and the system shows that there are 2248 applicants. This kind of training requires a high level of players, and many people can be eliminated in the online selection process.

For the majority of young people with the dream of professional players, it is easier to contact the youth training camp organized by the third party in society. Liu yehang, chairman of Sichuan Electric Competition Sports Association, said that in recent two years, there has been an increasing trend in such youth training camps. Part of the reason for this trend is the development of electric competition education.

Since 2016, the school has set up an E-sports management education course. After the official opening of E-sports education, many schools are school enterprise cooperation. To be honest, many enterprises and schools dont have a big profit point, which will cause these enterprises to find some projects to do. These youth training camps are a good point. I think there will be more and more in the future.

Pretending to consult for his brother, the reporter called a short-term training camp of E-sports.

Staff introduction, they are an education company, has its own club, the club has done for seven years. This time, the training camp is based on the training methods of the club to set some courses. The company has signed contracts with more than ten professional clubs. If the trainees meet the specified standards, they will be recommended to the club for trial training.

Students of E-sports and management major in Urumqi Vocational secondary school, Xinjiang, go to the professional practice room after completing the course of E-sports psychology in the classroom to carry out the practice of hero League and other game projects. Liu Xin, reporter of China News Agency

This is the first year for this education company to do training. The training camp is 10 weeks in Shanghai. In terms of cost, take the hero League as an example, the whole training tuition is 22300 yuan, accommodation 5000 yuan, equivalent to nearly 3000 yuan per week. The reporter suggested that the training camp and the class time conflict, the staff euphemistically replied - you may have to weigh it..

Staff introduction, the current enrollment of students are basically 16, 17 years old, most of them are not ideal academic performance, and they are more keen on E-sports. Each of our underage students is required to get the consent of their parents before we agree to their application.

Remember to call a school that has set up the training of E-sports players. The teacher in charge of enrollment introduces that the short-term training of E-sports project has little effect in fact.

Therefore, the most short-term training courses in their school often have three months, including one month for basic courses and 15800 yuan for short-term training in terms of fees, including accommodation costs. In addition, 800 yuan for meals per month and 29800 yuan for full-time youth training per academic year.

However, the teacher admitted that this kind of third-party training players are unlikely to sign a contract directly with the team, and they will eventually be selected through the official youth training camp. Most of the short-term training promotion is to meet the official short-term training standards, not directly into the club.

Its hard to distinguish between the good and the bad when the youth training of E-sports grows savagely. According to Ji Xing (Abu), general manager of EDG competition training, from his point of view, the quality of players cultivated by the club and game officials is relatively guaranteed. Although there are many E-sports education in the market, it is still a mixed situation. Many E-sports education institutions do not have the ability of E-sports teaching.

According to Abu, there are some E-sports training institutions with certain teaching ability, but these are all general courses, including surrounding industry training besides occupation, such as commentary, director, business, etc.

I dont think its possible to carry out professional education without the club as the main body, which I think is unrealistic.

For children, learning E-sports may be a simple love. But at present, many training camps are in conflict with school time, which means that choosing to become a professional player has a high risk. For children, I dont want them to sacrifice their studies and engage in E-sports blindly, Abramovich said

Abu suggested that if you want to engage in e-sports industry, you should not blindly choose training camp. First of all, we need to find a professional club or a real professional coach to make an assessment, so that no matter what happens in the future, there will be a better plan. As industry insiders, we are also willing to provide guidance and help in this regard.

Source of this article: China News Network Editor in charge: Cao Liqiao and ns1806