Youdu welcomes CBAs first xiuyanis to reveal that the team will make tactical adjustments

 Youdu welcomes CBAs first xiuyanis to reveal that the team will make tactical adjustments

Tonight, Youdu will have his first CBA show. Figure / Shougang Sports

Shougang club announced yesterday that they would replace Hamilton to fight because they hoped that the big man would have a rest. Today, Janis also confirmed this statement: edu has always been a very important member of us. Before the start of this season, we decided to use three foreign players, which means that there must be a player in the league who is not activated. Now this happens to Hamilton. He has contributed a lot to the team, played for a long time, and was tired. We want to go further, we have to deal with all this intelligently, so that our players can maintain their best physical condition as much as possible.

As an inside player, Udo and Hamilton belong to different types. Yanis revealed that the team will make some tactical adjustments. We need to make some adjustments at the offensive end, as well as defensive adjustments accordingly. When there is a new piece in the puzzle, we must do so. But the same is that our style of playing will not change, will not change their original appearance, so our core idea is to help this player to integrate the ball.

Its going to be the first CBA game and I feel great. Yu Du said. After the start of the season, he will not be absent from every training class, and will be in the team-mates after the departure of personal training to maintain state. Mentally, Ill do my best for the team tonight. In his opinion, the key to meet the first show of personal CBA is ideological attention and preparation, I will do well when I return to the hotel, and I will enter the game from the moment of jumping on the field. Yu Du said.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma bile