The girl confessed after being caught by the suspect of robbery 11 years ago: in debt, robbery and resistance

 The girl confessed after being caught by the suspect of robbery 11 years ago: in debt, robbery and resistance

Department store homicide

Lingerie shop woman robbed and killed

At about 10:30 on July 21, 2008, Jinshui Branch received the police and said that a woman was found lying on the ground and covered in blood in the back warehouse of an underwear store near a department store in Zhengzhou.

After receiving the report, Tang Chun, then the leader of the criminal investigation team of Jinshui branch (deputy director of cash water branch), led the investigators to the scene to carry out investigation and on-site inspection. After investigation, the scene of the crime is relatively narrow and simple in layout. Most of the fighting traces, blood traces and turning traces on the scene are concentrated in the rear warehouse. The victims have multiple knives in their bodies, with large blood flow area, and the scene is extremely tragic.

Suspects arrested

At the scene of the crime, the police found a single blade knife. There were blood drops on the ground and at the door. According to this, the police in charge of the case analyzed that the suspect was likely to kill the victim after the fierce resistance of the armed robbery, and the suspect might have been injured when he left.

We extracted blood fingerprints, shoes and a male bloodstain from the scene, which became the key evidence for the final detection of the case. At that time, the introduction of the criminal technicians who investigated the scene.

Due to the time of the incident on Monday morning, the passenger flow near the site of the incident is rare, and no witnesses can be found. Limited by the monitoring conditions at that time, the nearby monitoring failed to provide effective case information, and the tracking and visiting work was in trouble. After two months of investigation, the task force has not found any further clues to solve the case, which became the only unsolved homicide case of Jinshui branch in 2008.

The police study the case

11 years later

The suspect was arrested in Zhejiang Province

The blood left over at the time of the crime is the key to solving the case

During the past 11 years, several members of the special task force of Jinshui sub Bureau continued to carry out investigation around the person, object and clue of the case.

Since 2016, under the leadership of Tang Chun, the technical police have repeatedly re filed, cleared and re submitted the key material evidence of the unsolved homicide cases since the 1990s, in order to obtain new clues and solve the homicide cases.

At the end of 2018, according to comparison, suspicious clues of 7.21 cases were found in more than ten county-level units in the province. In order to eliminate irrelevant data and narrow and clarify the scope of investigation, Wang can and Wang Wei, the police of the Case Investigation Brigade of Jinshui road sub Bureau, rushed to more than ten counties and more than 20 townships across the province, covering a journey of more than 2000 kilometers, visiting and arranging suspicious clues of the 7.21 case.

In November this year, when the technical personnel of the case investigation team of Jinshui Road branch checked the clues in Nanyang, Jiaxing Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province sent a message that Haining police found that the traces of blood left by the 7.21 case suspect were the same as Xing, a suspect of Nanyang nationality.

With the help of local police, the suspect Xing was arrested on November 24 in Haining City, Zhejiang Province. At 3:56 p.m. on November 26, at the platform of Zhengzhou east high speed railway station, with the arrival of g1895 train, Jin Chaohui, the leader of the case investigation team of Jinshui Road branch of Zhengzhou public security bureau, and Tian Zaiwu, the deputy leader of the team, escorted Xing, the suspect, out of the train.

Police returning with honor

Confessing to avoid gambling debts

Working in Zheng, robbing, fighting and killing

As soon as we held the interrogation, Xing told the truth about the crime of robbing and killing the victim in a department store on July 21, 2008. It felt like he had been waiting for this day for a long time. Jin Zhaohui said.

According to Xing Xin, after graduating from primary school, he went out to work in the old housework farm. Before the incident, Xing had been working in a casino in Xining City, Qinghai Province. Because there were often fights in the casino, he took a black folding knife with him for self-defense. In July 2008, Xing Xingxin owed more than 20000 yuan of usury in gambling. In order to avoid gambling debt, he fled to Zhengzhou City in the middle of that month.

A few days later, in the morning of July 21, Xingmou Xin had no money to eat and failed to find a job, so he had the idea of robbing when wandering in the street. When passing by the front room near a department store, Xing Xingmou Xin wandered for several times and decided to rob when he confirmed that there was only one girl in the underwear store.

After determining the target of the robbery, Xing immediately enters the store and locks the door of the store. When the victim is not prepared, he covers the victims mouth with his right hand from behind, and puts a sharp knife on the victims neck, asking the victim to hand over the cash. The victim desperately resists and bites Xings right hand. Xing is afraid of the robbery, and kills the victim cruelly with a knife. 1 After 500 yuan of cash, he quickly fled back to Qinghai.

After returning to Qinghai, Xing was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by the peoples Court of Chengxi District, Xining City, Qinghai Province for robbery in Qinghai, and released on June 23, 2019.

After that, Xing returned to Nanyang and got his drivers license. He went to work in a logistics base in Haining City, Zhejiang Province. On November 24, 2019, when Haining police collected information, it was found that Xings information was in doubt. After docking with Jinshui Road police, Xings information was controlled.

Every investigation feels close to the truth, but the murderer cant be found. Has the murderer evaporated? It was not until 11 years later that the police seized the suspect and realized that the murderer had indeed evaporated (serving his sentence in Qinghai prison).

At present, the suspect Xing has been detained by Jinshui Road branch of Zhengzhou public security bureau according to law, and the case is being handled further.

Source: editor in charge of Henan Business Daily: Dai Wenjia, nb12498