Guangzhou subsidence for more than 50 hours: family members question the construction backfill experts say it is reinforcement

 Guangzhou subsidence for more than 50 hours: family members question the construction backfill experts say it is reinforcement

On December 3, Mr. Shi, the family member of the two people who lost contact with the vehicle, told the upstream news reporter that time had passed for too long, and the water kept overflowing from the ground. If the two were indeed killed, according to the custom of Shaoyangs hometown in Hunan Province, the body should also be buried as soon as possible. The compensation can be discussed later. Now the only requirement of the family is, to live, to die.

u25b2 traffic control has been implemented around the subsidence of Guangzhou Avenue.

Mr. Shi told the upstream news reporter that two lost contact personnel have been in Guangzhou for more than ten years since they came from Hunan Province, and they have set up a cleaning company of their own, which is in good operation. On the morning of December 1, the father and son went out to work in the clean-up truck, who knows that there are big holes on the road, causing such natural disasters and man-made disasters.

On December 3, the upstream news reporter received a message of help from Yu Ni, the wife of Shi Kewei, the lost contact person. Yu Ni said: we are newly married and have a daughter who is just full moon. They havent heard a word about their father and grandfather. Yu Ni said, I know the news is that its more than 11 a.m. and Ill come to the scene immediately. The government department has always asked me to wait and not show me the scene. By 12 oclock at noon, the constructors were directly there to backfill, our first hope was completely wiped out, and the constructors simply abandoned the people inside.

Mr. Shi said that after the accident, the family members rushed to the scene immediately and the scene had been surrounded. The family members could not see the scene of the accident or get the explanation from the government staff. The government staff did not appear until the family members protested strongly. In addition, the family members were puzzled by the official rescue method, if the pit is filled up, how to save people?

In response, at the second press conference of accident rescue held in Guangzhou on December 2, experts from Guangdong Research Institute of water resources and hydropower explained that after the accident, the collapse was very fast, the water continued to flow up, the scope of the accident continued to expand, and a variety of rescue measures were taken which could not be approached. In order to ensure the safety of rescue personnel, it is necessary to build a rescue platform. If the collapse continues to expand, it will affect the water supply, power supply, overpass, etc., so the way of reinforcement is adopted to reduce the impact range of the accident.

Experts said that in order to ensure that secondary disasters do not expand and provide platform conditions for rescue and rescue, the collapsed slope should be pre reinforced rather than filled. It is reasonable that the scheme is made by comprehensive consideration of experts on site.

At present, the rescue is still in progress.

Source: responsible editor of upstream news: Dai Wenjia, nb12498