The mob escaped with a gas bomb and was directly taken by the Hong Kong Police and refused bail

 The mob escaped with a gas bomb and was directly taken by the Hong Kong Police and refused bail

Rioters set fire to a road block on Nathan Road in Mongkok and threw petrol bombs at police cars. (source: Headline Daily)

Overseas network, Dec. 3, Dec. 1, about 200 masked black rioters blocked roads and set fire in the area of Nathan Road and Dundas street in Mongkok. During the police dispersion, they found a gasoline bomb and two lighters on a painter. The painter, who was charged with possession of assault weapons, was taken to the Kowloon City magistrates court this morning and his application for bail was refused.

According to Hong Kong Radio and orange news on Wednesday, the prosecution revealed that when the police drove away the crowd that night, the 21-year-old defendant, Li Jiaxi, walked away immediately after seeing the police officer. The police officer came forward to interrogate and search his body, and found a gasoline bomb and two lighters in his backpack.

The defendant was charged with possession of an offensive weapon, a petrol bomb, near Nathan Road in Mongkok, with the intention of using it for illegal purposes. The prosecution applied to postpone the case until January 29 next year, pending the laboratory report and police investigation. The defendants application for bail has been rejected and it is tentatively scheduled to be reviewed on bail next Wednesday.

At the end of last week, a large number of black clad thugs rekindled the war in Mongkok, blocking roads, smashing pavements, setting fire, damaging the railway facilities and using lynching to deal with ordinary citizens all night. They gathered outside the Mongkok police station and at the exit of MTR Prince station. People rushed out of Prince Road West and Nathan Road, blocked the road with wooden card boards, minibus stop boards and plastic fences, ignited sundries and set fire to nearby shops, set fire at the entrance of MTR Mongkok station, and threw petrol bombs at a police car.

During this period, a 53 year old man who cleared up the obstacle was lynched by a mob. He lost consciousness after being hit hard on the head, and his mobile phone was stolen at the scene. The police listed the case as injury and theft and sent it to the drug investigation section of the police for follow-up.

Deng Bingqiang, the new first brother of the Hong Kong Police, used five again and again to criticize the mobs atrocities, including setting fire again, blocking the road again, throwing petrol bombs again, smashing shops again, and attacking the people who removed the obstacles again. He said the police would make every effort to arrest the murderer.

Jiang Yongxiang, a senior police officer in the public relations section of the police (media liaison and communication), said Tuesday that 58 people, including 48 men and 10 women, were arrested in the past week, aged between 14 and 36, on suspicion of illegal assembly, criminal destruction and police assault.

Liang Zhenying, former chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR, said earlier that he urged all citizens who opposed violence and all illegal acts to stand up and say we oppose loudly, not only to condemn, but also to cut corners to make violence lose oxygen support.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814