The price of pork in many areas has dropped, and the price of pork in some areas has returned to less than 20 yuan

 The price of pork in many areas has dropped, and the price of pork in some areas has returned to less than 20 yuan

In November, the price of pigs fell by more than 21% month on month, and the wholesale price of white striped pigs dropped even more

According to the data from the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, in November, the price of pigs dropped from 40.87 yuan per kilogram to 31.98 yuan, down more than 9 yuan, a drop of more than 21% month on month. Many people want to know if the price of pork has also dropped. Liu Tong, manager of Beijing Xinfadis market statistics department, told reporters that from the perspective of Baitiao pigs, the wholesale price drop was even larger than that of live pigs. In November, it was a continuous decline, and the average wholesale price of white striped pigs dropped 27% at the end of the month compared with the beginning of the month, Liu said

In December, affected by the snowfall in Northeast China, the transportation of live pigs in the North decreased and the price increased. However, the price of pork in the southern region remained stable and declined. Wuhan market pork streaky pork, hind leg meat, front clip meat and so on have all dropped to about 26 yuan per Jin, with a drop of more than 10% in the last month. In Nanjing market, the decline of white streaky pork and streaky pork is close to 20%. In a large supermarket chain in Hefei, the price of some pork categories has been reduced to less than 20 yuan per Jin. A supermarket customer service said: do you know to go to the wallet? 19 yuan 8 Jin, now we do activities. With skin, front hoof, 23 pieces, 8 pieces. There are also 22 pieces of 8, fat and thin meat, but no skin.

Driven by the decline in pork prices, chicken, eggs and other prices began to decline. In a farmers market in Nanjing, the price of eggs is 20% lower than that in early November.

Farmers market staff: the price is moving every day, about 1 yuan down from the beginning of November.

Reporter: one jin, one yuan, right? Thats a large proportion, about 20%.

Farmers market staff: right.

Pig price rise expected to cool down pig farm and increase pig supply

Industry insiders and experts analyze that there are many reasons for the decline in pork prices. On the one hand, many slaughterhouses buy pigs in excess when the price of pigs is low. These frozen pork have recently been put out of storage in a centralized way, which effectively alleviates the tight supply of pork. On the other hand, Liu said, the expected drop in the price of pigs also shortens the time to press the market and increases the supply of pigs. At that time, some data showed that there was a very short supply of pigs, so the pig farm had a high expectation of the later price, Liu said. However, due to a series of measures taken by the government, it is expected to cool down, and the time for pig farms to press on the market is shortened, and the number of pig farms has begun to increase.

In addition, the General Administration of customs information also shows that the list of permitted pork importers in China continues to increase. The products of nine Italian pork enterprises began to enter China on August 20. Argentina has also signed an agreement with China to export pork to China from October.

Expert: the pig cycle has not been fundamentally reversed

For the follow-up trend of pig price, from the perspective of production capacity, Chinas breeding sows have stopped declining and rebounded on a month on month basis. Does this mean that the pig cycle has reversed and entered a new downward channel? Zhu zengyong, a deputy researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said such a judgment could not be made at present. Production capacity will stop falling and pick up before the end of the year, but this part is still in the stage of increasing production through supplementary columns. If we want to have a substantial impact on supply, we will have to go to the second half of next year, Zhu said. I think this kind of price decline is still a short-term shock. In the later stage, before the Spring Festival and new years day, there is still a seasonal recovery in consumption, and there is still a certain space for pig prices to rise.

Source: editor in charge of CCTV: Dai Wenjia, nb12498