8-year-old girl in a coma while playing trampoline doctor: suspected spinal cord injury, high probability of paralysis

 8-year-old girl in a coma while playing trampoline doctor: suspected spinal cord injury, high probability of paralysis

When the heart was sent to the hospital, there was no breath or cardiac arrest. At 21 oclock that day, the doctor issued a critical notice.

At present, the heart and mind is still in the critical ward to rely on the ventilator to maintain vital signs.

8-year-old girl suddenly fell into a coma playing trampoline

The 8-year-old girl is a grade 2 student in Luojiang Shuangyang eighth center primary school. My mother is ill in bed for 3 years. My heart is accompanied by my father and grandparents.

My dear father, Mr. Liu, said that at about 17 oclock the day before yesterday, he took my heart to play in the outdoor playground of beiqido, Zhongjun world city in the east of the city. Xinxin is an old member of this amusement park. He used to play trampoline in the amusement park many times. The day before yesterday, Xinxin also chose to play trampoline.

The reporter saw in the playground monitoring that at 17:41, after the staff tied the safety belt for Xinxin, Xinxin jumped on the trampoline alone, and there were children playing on the other three trampolines. At 17:48, his heart suddenly fell in the air and hung on the trampoline. Mr. Liu immediately came forward to hold his heart, and the staff untied his seat belt. At 17:52, the staff tied a seat belt for another child and asked the child to continue playing on the trampoline he had used.

After the incident, the staff not only failed to give help, but also continued to operate as usual. Mr. Liu said that when he took his heart off the trampoline, it was already in a coma and his face turned white. He immediately took his heart to the next open space for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but his heart did not respond.

Because he couldnt get a car, he went to the sidewalk with his heart in his heart to ask for help, until he stopped a young man riding an electric car, and the man saw it, and rode the electric car to take them to the emergency gate of the east hospital area of Quanzhou first hospital.

Mr. Liu said that during the period, the staff of the amusement park did not help to call 120 emergency calls or send doctors.

There is a high probability of maintaining paralysis by ventilator

At about 9 oclock last night, the doctor issued a critical notice. From the notice of heart and heart disease provided by Mr. Liu, we can see that cardiac arrest may endanger life at any time.

Wu Weili, the chief physician of Xinxin, said that when Xinxin was sent to the hospital, the breathing had stopped and the heart had stopped abruptly. Dr. Wu said that at present, the heart and brain of the heart can operate normally, and the pupil still responds to light, but the heart and heart cant breathe autonomously at present, so it needs to rely on the ventilator to maintain vital signs, if the ventilator is pulled out, the heart will stop.. The lower body of the heart has no reaction at all, and the probability of paralysis of the lower body is very high after waking up. .

According to Wu, there is no abnormality in the heart and brain. According to the heart disease and clinic, the heart cant breathe autonomously is the interruption of breath caused by spinal cord damage caused by spinal dislocation in trampoline. However, MRI showed that there was no dislocation of the spine of the heart and the heart, which may be due to the dislocation of the spine during the jumping of the heart and the heart, but the spinal cord has been damaged.

The current situation of the heart and mind is not very optimistic. If we can recover our own breathing, the heart and mind will wake up. Dr. Wu said that fortunately, Mr. Liu made cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the heart and heart at the first time and won some time for treatment.

Dr. Wu reminded that childrens spine and coordination are not fully developed, so they are not suitable to participate in dangerous games such as trampoline.

Trampoline area is still open without any safety tips

At about 4 p.m. the day before yesterday, reporters from Haidu came to visit the bechto outdoor playground. The playground and trampoline area were open as usual. No relevant business license was seen on site.

Staff introduced that the venue was rented by the owner from Zhongjun world city, which has been rented for 6 years. The playground is open at 10 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. every day. It costs 15 yuan to play trampoline once, or you can recharge your membership card.

Reporters saw that the playground has four trampoline areas, the trampoline area, the heart of the black leather shoes scattered on the ground alone. There are no safety tips in the trampoline area, only a warm tip to remind the self-conscious queuing.

Reporters in the field visit, a second mother with two children to the trampoline area to play. When the staff tied the safety belt to the older child, the child was strangled to tears, and the mother asked the staff to hold the child down.

At 16:15 yesterday, the police of the local police station rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm from Mr. Liu. While the police were learning from Mr. Liu, a woman took her 3-year-old daughter to the trampoline area to play. The staff didnt tell the trampoline was dangerous, so they tied up the seat belt for the 3-year-old girl to play on the trampoline.

The reporter saw that when the little girl was playing on the trampoline, there was no staff in the trampoline area to watch on the spot. The little girls knees, elbows and spine are not protected.

Mr. Liu said that the trampoline accident last night had potential safety hazards and should be closed first. But the staff said they were only in charge of the venue, the boss was not in Quanzhou, only business as usual.

Lawyer: the operator is generally responsible for safety problems

During the visit, the reporter learned that the operation of this kind of outdoor amusement park is generally rented by the mall, and the specific management and operation are in the charge of the amusement park operator.

Wang conghuai, a lawyer from Fujian Huada law firm, said that if the amusement park has no business qualification and the purchased equipment has no relevant qualification, the amusement park operator will bear the main responsibility. If the playground operator is not qualified, the mall will rent the venue, and the mall will take part of the responsibility.

Ms. Wu, the director of betiddo amusement park, said that their venue has been rented from Zhongjun world city for five or six years. Ms. Wu said that the store manager is usually in charge of the amusement park, but recently the store manager asked for leave and other employees were in charge of looking after it. The employees have received relevant training.

Ms. Wu said that she has the relevant business license, but Ms. Wu did not provide it to reporters. Ms. Wu said that the game equipment she bought is not dangerous. It is an inspection free equipment, but the equipment manufacturer will come to the door for maintenance every year.

We will actively take on the responsibilities we should take. Ms. Wu said that when she was on a business trip in other places, she would first arrange employees to visit her heart in the hospital and also shut down the trampoline project.

Childrens spine, coordination are not fully developed, not suitable to participate in trampoline and other dangerous games.

Source: responsible editor of Straits Metropolis Daily: Dai Wenjia, nb12498