Taiwan media: Cais authorities want to go to China and randomly change the syllabus and compile books

 Taiwan media: Cais authorities want to go to China and randomly change the syllabus and compile books

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According to the media reports of Taiwans Wang Bao and Lianhe Bao, Professor Wu kuncai of Jiayi University found that the compilation of Volume 2 of the history of high school in the island was delayed greatly. At present, all five versions including Sanmin, Hanlin, Nanyi, Longteng and Taiyu are still in the second and third trials (Note: Taiwans textbooks are in the fourth trial system), less than two months before the start of next semester, how do teachers prepare for lessons? u201dAlthough booksellers have sent books to high school to select books for teachers, they do not guarantee that the current books are final, that is, they will make major changes. Whats more, some version only sent Chapter 1 and Chapter 7 instead of the whole book to the teacher. According to Yang Guoyang, director of the textbook research center of the Institute of education, the Taiwan authorities usually require the publishing house to re compile the textbook because the content of the textbook does not conform to the spirit of the syllabus.

Sketch map of history textbook of senior high school in Taiwan (source: Taiwan Lianhe daily)

According to Wang Bao, when Cai administration launched the draft curriculum outline of high school history in July 2017, the theme of the second volume of introduction was why should we discuss Chinese history in the context of East Asian History, which was criticized by the outside world as replacing Chinese history with East Asian History; the official curriculum was passed in October 2018, one year later than other subjects, and the theme of the introduction was changed to China and East Asia, in other words, in the book Chinese history and East Asian History should each account for half.

Wu kuncai said that at present, 80% of all versions are still Chinese history, lacking the ancient history of Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Mongolia from the 2nd century B.C. to the 2nd century A.D., for example, some versions only write one page for Vietnam, rather than go to Wikipedia.

Wu kuncai said that the main reason for the compilation is that most of the editorial committee members lack experts in Vietnam history, Japanese history, Korean history, Mongolian history, and most of the review committee members do not have relevant majors. The conclusion is that this is an East Asian history compiled by laymen, reviewed by laymen, and can not be written at all. Why not honestly say that they are Chinese history? Wang Bao also mentioned that Cai administrations syllabus was not clear, which led to the failure of textbook compilation. Some editors said that they have never been so frustrated. Facing the loss of booksellers, their conscience, public opinion and the right of students to receive education, they have the heart to jump from the building.

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Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the National Taiwan Affairs Office, said that forcibly revising the curriculum of senior high school history and incorporating Chinese history into East Asian history was another demonstration of the secession of de Sinicization and Taiwan independence in the field of education. It not only poisons the younger generation of Taiwan, but also further destroys cross-strait relations and intensifies cross-strait confrontation. The separatist activities of Taiwan independence will be more forcefully restrained and attacked by compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Dai Wenjia, nb12498