Hurt others, attack road clearing barriers, two women from Hong Kong

 Hurt others, attack road clearing barriers, two women from Hong Kong

Hong Kong media

Overseas network, Dec. 3 - Hong Kongs revisionist movement has lasted for several months, during which rioters in many parts of Hong Kong wantonly damaged, and set up roadblocks with debris, resulting in traffic jams. Two female thugs were arrested after Ms. ho Yun Tzu, a Hong Kong resident, was attacked by thugs during the removal of roadblocks due to her dissatisfaction with the actions of thugs. The case was brought up again today (3 days).

On October 13, 2019, Hong Kong rioters blocked roads and set fire everywhere in Mongkok district. He Runzi, dissatisfied with the rioters, removed the barricades built on the streets. He was immediately surrounded by many people, attacked and sprayed black paint on the face, resulting in shoulder and back spine injuries. Police arrested two women on a charge of wounding. The case was brought before the West Kowloon magistrates court today. The prosecution applied to postpone the case so as to obtain the victims examination report. The magistrates postponed the case to next month 22.

According to the report, two activists, Lu Qimin and Zhu Peixian, illegally and maliciously injured others at the junction of Nathan Road and Mong Kok Road. The defendant applied for the modification of the order for banning feet, which was approved by the court. The two persons continued to be released on bail with 1000 yuan cash guarantee, no departure, surrender of all travel documents, and no direct or indirect harassment of witnesses.

Earlier, many people were thrown bricks and hard objects by rioters when they cleaned up their own roadblocks, posing a great threat to their personal safety. For example, on November 13, the mob hurled rubber chairs at the footbridge near the Kowloon exit of the subsea tunnel, and then hit the driving car. On November 12, the mob hurled hard objects at the public clearing the barricade at a footbridge on pokfulan road in the West District, injuring the public in the head.

Hong Kong peoples spontaneous road clearing (source: Xinhuanet)

But Hong Kong people will not be intimidated by the mobs. In the past November, although the mobs kept setting up roadblocks, more and more Hong Kong people took to the streets to voluntarily clean up the roadblocks, demolished the brick walls erected by the mobs in the road, erected the fallen road signs and swept away the scattered debris. They say no to the mob with practical actions. Some citizens are more outspoken. Even if they are in danger, they insist on coming out. If they set up another barricade, I will come out again to clean up.

Peoples Daily sharp review pointed out that the more desperate the crazier, the mobs revenge is the final struggle of the end of the force. The common righteous act is the biggest deterrent to evil deeds. The words they set up again, I will clear up again express peoples determination to restore order.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814