China Telecom will be forced to deduct money for the authors endless use of traffic

 China Telecom will be forced to deduct money for the authors endless use of traffic

Beijing News on the evening of December 2, Liu Liu, a well-known female writer, complained to China Telecom on her microblog that she was forced to take a mobile phone with more than ten gigabytes of traffic for free when she bought a home network, and she would deduct money if she did not use up the traffic every month. In the case of one-time payment of the annual fee, repeatedly because the mobile phone traffic is not used up and was cut off the home network without warning. On the morning of December 3, China Telecom said in response to the reporters inquiry of Beijing News, it is understanding the situation and actively communicating.

Then the reporter of Beijing News tried to contact Liu Liu on Weibo to respond. But as of the press release, no reply has been made to relevant comments and private letters. The reporter also called the customer service of China Telecom Shanghai company about the complaint of June 6. The other side said that it needed an identification number to find out the specific situation of the account, and would report the problem to the company and reply as soon as possible.

In the 66 release of several micro-blog, many users are also in Tucao encountered their broadband tariffs, bundling, King terms and other aspects of the problem. Some netizens also told Liu in their comments, as far as I know, your network should be speeded up (100 trillion refers to 200 trillion and so on). You need to pay 5 yuan per month for speed up (your 1500 contract is not the current network speed), and the mobile phone number sent to you can offset 5 yuan for speed up if you use more than 10g per month. You can choose to cancel the acceleration, or you can consume more than 10g of mobile phone number traffic every month, or you can save 100 yuan more in your account (5 yuan per month is 60 yuan), in case you dont use it and cut off the network.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Dai Wenjia, nb12498