Hu Xijin: Huawei regards Li Hongyuan incident as a pure legal case and loses affection

 Hu Xijin: Huawei regards Li Hongyuan incident as a pure legal case and loses affection

Understandably, Huawei is a large company with more than 100000 employees, and its management difficulty is amazing. Huawei implements the standardization of management according to the companys system and laws. It deals with Li Hongyuans incident in accordance with the companys usual governance logic, without giving special consideration to the large-scale social attitude formed around it.

Huawei believes that it is not wrong for them to report the suspected illegal act. Li Hongyuan was shut down for 251 days, and later released and paid state compensation. This is a judicial process that Huawei cannot influence. The latter should bear the responsibility for the right and wrong. Huaweis logic is legally sound. It refuses to further privatize with Li Hongyuan and compromise with the publics discontent, that is, to maintain the law and rules as Huaweis main line in dealing with various crises. It does not want emotion to dominate all this.

Perhaps super companies tend to adhere to this principle, because of the high certainty of laws and rules, while emotion may be a double-edged sword. It is obviously related to Huaweis investment in institutional governance every year and its absorption of management experience from international multinational companies.

However, Huawei lives in the society, and first of all in Chinese society. A large part of peoples support and love for Huawei has been transformed into love. Li Hongyuans incident resulted in 251 days of detention, and Huawei was at the source of the tragedy. From the perspective of sentiment, when the public was seriously dissatisfied with the incident and sympathized with a weak person, Huawei only cut itself off from the tragedy in the judicial process after it reported the case from the perspective of law, which is regrettable in the public opinion field anyway.

Huawei should, at least in the case of such a large-scale public opinion, adhere to the law, make a more in-depth explanation and communication to the public, and make a positive communication with sentiment. Their middle ground should be reason. If Huawei retreats behind the defense line of law at this time, it may lose a large amount of swing space of reason, which is detrimental to it.

Objectively speaking, because Huawei is so famous and popular, it has attracted almost all the attention of the public around the Li Hongyuan incident, which has affected everyones more comprehensive discussion and reflection. Laohu believes that what is more worthy of reflection is our judicial process. After a person is detained, it is not a felony. Can we adopt more bail system and allow him to obtain bail pending trial during the investigation? In that case, Li Hongyuan would not be held for so many days without sufficient evidence. Mr. Hu hopes that legal experts will come out and talk more. We need more practical experience summary and progress.

This incident will definitely have an impact on Huaweis image, and Huawei should summarize this case as a lesson. At the same time, Laohu still called on everyone not to over - line this matter. China has only one Huawei. It has strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we should accept a complex Huawei. My hope is that Huawei can continue to move forward in various challenges and criticisms.

Source: editor in charge of Global Times: Dai Wenjia, nb12498