British media of Trumps NATO summit: Johnsons door is closed and there is no hardship

 British media of Trumps NATO summit: Johnsons door is closed and there is no hardship

Trumps arrive in London (source: Daily Mail)

Overseas on December 3, local time on December 2, US President trump and his wife arrived at Stansted Airport in the UK, and will attend the special summit for the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO. According to British media, British Prime Minister Johnson will not hold separate talks with trump, which is a rare arrangement.

Britains prime minister will not hold one-on-one talks with the US president, the Daily Mail said Wednesday, citing conservative sources, who fear that a separate meeting of British and American leaders will undermine the partys campaign efforts in the run-up to the parliamentary elections.

British media said Trumps visit to Britain was a nightmare for conservative politicians. They worry that a comment or tweet from the president of the United States may affect Johnsons luck in the campaign and even lead the conservative campaign off track.

On the eve of Trumps visit to the UK, Johnson shouted to trump in the media on November 29 that the US president had better not intervene in the British parliamentary election. As allies and friends, we have traditionally stayed out of each others campaigns.

CNN also quoted White House running editor Margaret talev as saying Monday that trump needs to stay away from him in the face of Johnsons suggestions. With 10 days to go before an important British election, Johnson is facing a critical moment in his term of office. Trumps best to stay away from Johnson because the US president is not popular in the UK.

According to the daily mail, there are Conservative MPs worried that trump may be involved in last weeks London Bridge terrorist attack or brexit. Trump is expected to hold a press conference on the 3rd local time, when he may be asked about the British election.

According to the latest polls, Johnsons conservative party is expected to win a majority in next weeks general election. Corbin, the leader of the British Labor Party, accused Johnson of trying to get American pharmaceutical companies into the NHS system in a more profitable way in exchange for signing a trade agreement with the United States. But Johnson denied it.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Du Shuo, nb12556