Media: SDF is exposed as sweeping fundraising, which treats crowdfunding as business?

 Media: SDF is exposed as sweeping fundraising, which treats crowdfunding as business?

However, the incident continued to ferment, and netizens working in the hospital came out one after another to reflect that their units had been haunted by these fund-raising platform personnel. There is a large scale of offline team, which is forced by Single Commission and elimination mechanism at the end The saying of individual violation cant be accepted by the public. Its impossible for people to see the sincerity of water drop fund-raising by throwing the pot to individual offline personnel in some areas.

Of course, we cant say that the offline team of waterdrop research has problems, but to ensure the realization of good intentions, enterprises should at least provide a healthy system guarantee. If the offline team is just like waterdrop, it is based on helping those patients who dont understand the operation of the network, that is the service work of nearly public organizations. For this kind of work, we should not use the business incentive means of elimination at the end or commission on a single basis at all, because it is easy to cause the alienation of the purpose and way of work.

Even to say the least, considering the identity of waterdrop financing enterprises and tolerant understanding of the incentive mechanism established by them, at least there must be supporting internal supervision, and online audit must be strict. If the audit can be controlled, the offline teams fraud will not succeed. In fact, the promoters fill in the amount of the donation at will, do not check or even conceal the property status of the helpers, and lack supervision on the purpose of the donation. The basic facts of a fund-raising platform are not well checked. The frequent exposure of controversial fund-raising events is enough to prove that there are organizational and deep-seated loopholes behind the case.

Obviously, it is the defect of the enterprise model, which means that there is no thorough reflection and improvement. Similar platforms such as waterdrop research were initially praised by the society and regarded as innovative actions of new technology charity. But in recent years, with the frequent occurrence of fraud, people are also re examining this innovation. New technology can lower the threshold of seeking help, but if the platform cant keep up with the local responsibility to ensure the bottom line, it will raise the threshold of social good. If someone crowdfunding for help on the platform, no one will trust, no one will forward, no one will donate, and no matter how advanced the technology is, it will be useless.

Judging from the end elimination and other assessment mechanisms, SDF obviously preferred crowdfunding as a business before. Although they did not Commission, they could convert users and traffic into commercial income such as insurance. Since doing business, it is necessary to consider the cost. When the profit does not increase, the enterprise increases the investment to improve the audit strength. Obviously, it is hard to please. But the real contradiction is that the reputation of waterdropchip is largely from the field of charity. If they only regard charity as a part of their business, once they smash the charity and smash their signboards, can other businesses continue to be healthy and sustainable? It can be seen that how to re position the crowdfunding business and the role played by the enterprise will determine where and how far to go next.

Therefore, the most important thing to reflect on this sweeping incident is how to position its role and whether it has the courage to face its own problems. In the past, after some cases of fraud, shuidi fund has repeatedly explained that they are not charity organizations, but build a platform for online mutual assistance, and they do not commission the handling fee from the donation. Although this kind of professional distinction is reasonable, in the eyes of the public, such fund-raising platforms are doing good and should be responsible for the authenticity of the information released.

Whether its a taxi platform, a home stay platform, or a mutual aid platform, you cant leave the responsibility to users and the profit and flow to yourself. The eyes of the masses are bright, and the public welfare side ball cannot be played. How to do it and how to develop it? We believe that waterdrop research can be seen clearly. We expect it to show its sincerity with practical actions.

Source: editor in charge of peoples network: Dai Wenjia, nb12498