Putins special plane successfully lowered the presidential Affairs Bureau award crew member cherry pie

 Putins special plane successfully lowered the presidential Affairs Bureau award crew member cherry pie

The fighting nation is just! The airport with Putins special plane blind landing in case of heavy fog landing (source: original)

[global network comprehensive report] in the past two days, the news of Putins special plane blind landing in the airport in heavy fog weather was enjoyed by many Russian media. Russias presidential Affairs Bureau presented cherry pies elaborately made by the Departments chefs to thank the skilled crew, Itar TASS said Wednesday.

According to the report, Yelena crelova, spokesman of Russias presidential affairs administration, recently wrote on social media that we have a tradition of expressing gratitude and gratitude to those people who are (committed to) saving others lives, working professionally or just good, by presenting cherry pies carefully made by the chefs of the presidential affairs administration.

Referring to the news that Putins special plane landed at the airport in a fog not long ago, klelova said that although the plane seemed to land normally on the same day, it was actually attributed to the crew and their professional quality.

Because of the bad weather conditions at that time, many flights had given up (landed) and diverted to other airports, but the crew (on Putins special plane) finally landed accurately. She went on, we sent them cherry pie.

Kyrgyzstans capital airport was shrouded in heavy fog on the night of the 28th, but a plane carrying Putin made a blind landing in bad weather. It is worth noting that not long before the landing of Putins special plane, Russian Defense Minister sauigus plane had to turn around due to weather reasons and change its way to another airport.

Later, the pilot who completed the above-mentioned difficult operations revealed in a program broadcast on December 1, channel 24 in Russia that the landing decision made at that time was not dangerous and that the plane was landing normally without any risk. He added, fortunately, controllers say the visibility of the airport is 350 meters, which meets the minimum standards of the airport.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Zhou Xinyi ufe63 nb12002