Zhonghai lixianghu 2 days 2 sets of new house roof collapse owner: bomb at any time

 Zhonghai lixianghu 2 days 2 sets of new house roof collapse owner: bomb at any time

Recently, the owners of unit 704, unit 2, building 14, and unit 902, unit 1, building 14, lixianghu, Zhonghai are depressed. On November 30 and December 1, the roofs of the two houses collapsed.

Whats wrong with zhonghaili Xianghu, which is known as integrating the advanced western livable concept, adhering to the traditional oriental living emotion, and inviting international architectural masters and artists to build it together?

Incident: ceiling collapse of two houses

Today, I came to lixianghu to eat Gouzhu soup, and I saw such a situation when I came in after eating...... The owner of unit 704, unit 2, building 14, lixianghu, Zhonghai, wrote in the owner group living in the spring of lixianghu, the pictures in the group showed that the ceiling of the owners living room collapsed in a large area, and the sofa and tea table were smashed. Fortunately, the owner was not in the house at the time of the accident.

Whats more unexpected is that on December 1, the day after this happened, the roof of the owners house of 902, unit 1, building 14 also collapsed.

For two consecutive days, the roof of two houses in different units of the same building collapsed, and the owners expressed their great concern in the group: such quality, how come, there is really a bomb at any time...

Reaction: the owner is worried that it will happen again

On December 2, interface Chongqing came to chunchunli community of lixianghu, Zhonghai to learn about the situation. The door of the owners house of building 14, unit 2 and 704 has been locked. Subsequently, Chongqing tried to contact the owner directly, but failed.

Interface Chongqing to the property related staff to understand the situation, the other side said: 14 704 building collapse situation is just the maintenance test of the engineering department. After asking why the maintenance test would cause the ceiling to collapse, the other party said: if you have any questions about this, you can directly contact the housekeeper of Zhonghai property.

An owner with a key went to his new house to check the decoration situation said that the community began to deliver in September. I heard about this, but its not clear what caused the collapse. The owner said that the collapse was a high-rise project, and he bought a villa, so he didnt know the specific situation.

Another dog owner also said he had heard about the roof collapse of 14 houses. Im more concerned now. I dont know if it will happen again. I hope it will attract the attention of relevant departments. I also hope that the property will follow up the matter as soon as possible and give the owner an explanation.

Reply: the peeling off of ceiling plastering is a case

On December 1, after the incident happened, in the spring of lixianghu lake, Zhonghai, the owner group made a reply on the matter about the falling off of the ceiling plastering layer of a villa in the spring.

In response, Zhonghai lixianghu spring said, the company verified that the main cause of the quality problem of this household is: during the decoration period, the pipeline leakage, in order to make the surface water content up to the standard, the rapid dehumidification treatment was adopted. The air is dried rapidly, and the plastering layer of the ceiling does not reach the bonding strength, resulting in a large area of hollowing.

The occurrence of this matter is not a universal quality problem, but a case of improper handling under special circumstances. If such ceiling falls in large area, it will be deformed and cracked first, which is not found for a period of time, and it is not reworked in time, and finally falls off. As the owner did not leave the key in the property company, the time for the ceiling plastering layer to fall was not determined.

Now we have reached an agreement with the owner on the ceiling treatment and compensation replacement of scratched furniture.

In order to eliminate the owners concerns, the company will immediately check the houses one by one. In case of hollowness, the company will deal with it in a timely manner and resolutely prevent similar situations from happening again.

According to the official website of CNOOC real estate, in the past 13 years in Chongqing, there have been 6 projects completed, among which Lixiang lake is one.

Since this year, CNOOC real estate has been quite active in land acquisition nationwide. In the first half of 2019, CNOOC real estate acquired a total of 24 new plots, with a total investment of 49.097 billion yuan, or about 55.635 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is a big deal.

However, with the rapid increase of land reserves and the gradual trend of expansion, the safety accidents of CNOOC real estate have occurred one after another. According to the official website of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, in 2019 alone, Guangdong, Jilin and Guangxi have respectively experienced safety accidents involving CNOOC real estate.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Wang Xiaowu NF