Define 11 measures to speed up the comprehensive reform of state owned enterprises with state owned assets in Shenzhen

 Define 11 measures to speed up the comprehensive reform of state owned enterprises with state owned assets in Shenzhen

Four aspects include: first, adhere to the guidance of Party building to provide political support for comprehensive reform. The opinion emphasizes that state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises adhere to and strengthen the partys leadership over state-owned enterprises, establish modern enterprise system consistently, and promote the deep integration of the partys leadership and corporate governance. In the future, it will highlight the political attribute of the inspection, bring the implementation of the comprehensive reform test decision-making and deployment of the municipal state-owned enterprises into the inspection scope of the Party committee of the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, and carry out special inspection in real time for the outstanding problems in the comprehensive reform.

Second, we should keep supervision ahead and provide discipline guarantee for the comprehensive reform. The opinion proposes to further improve the enterprise supervision system to support reform, integrate supervision resources, and improve the six in one supervision system of discipline inspection and supervision, board of supervisors, chief financial officer, internal audit, internal control and risk control coordinated linkage led by inner-party supervision. We will strengthen precise supervision, focus on key people and key matters in the comprehensive reform experiment, and safeguard the security of state-owned assets. We will deepen the use of warning education, and urge the units involved to plug loopholes and improve systems. Through the establishment of intelligent supervision platform, with the help of government audit force, the implementation of the reporting system to the peoples Congress and other measures, to provide support for strengthening supervision and service reform.

Third, we should persist in opposing the four winds and provide style guarantee for the comprehensive reform. The opinions put forward that formalism and bureaucracy should be resolutely eliminated, hedonism and extravagance should be vigorously punished, and a new type of Pro Qing government business relationship should be promoted. We will seriously investigate and deal with the four winds in the process of reform, urge enterprises to actively promote the reform of staff performance treatment and business expenditure, and curb the occurrence of unhealthy trends. We should forge a loyal and clean cadre team of state-owned enterprises, ensure the political and honest level of personnel selection and employment, improve the self construction of the supervision team, strengthen internal supervision and control, and resolutely prevent blackness under the light.

Fourth, we should adhere to the principle of both rectification and accommodation, and ensure the performance of our responsibilities. The opinions put forward that we should encourage responsible actions, severely punish false accusations and frame UPS, carry out follow-up and return visits, and help the cadres to put down their burdens and work actively. Grasp the policy boundary, strengthen the application system of request for instruction report, accurately use the three distinctions, seriously investigate and punish the illegal and disciplinary behaviors in the reform process, and ensure that the fault tolerance is carried out within the red line of discipline and the bottom line of law. Adhere to strict management and love, to achieve tolerance, hardness and softness.

Source: editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News: Yang bin_nf4368