Four big risks from the official bottom: illegal fund-raising in the name of pension

 Four big risks from the official bottom: illegal fund-raising in the name of pension

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The three departments pointed out that in the near future, some pension service institutions and enterprises, in the name of pension services and healthy pension, promised high returns, by means of collecting membership fees and bed fees from the elderly, cheating on the sale of health products and other means, committed illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling and other crimes against the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, causing serious property losses to the elderly. This kind of activity is different from the normal elderly care service, and there are great risks.

High margin cannot be realized. The rebate fund mainly comes from the fees paid by the elderly, which belongs to robbing the east wall to replace the west wall. Most old-age service institutions and enterprises do not have proper service entities and earnings matching their promised returns, so it is difficult to maintain the operation of funds, and high margin is only a fraud gimmick.

Capital security cannot be guaranteed. Some pension service institutions have significantly exceeded the commitment of bed supply capacity, or the commitment of repayment of principal and interest beyond the sustainable profit level. In the name of handling VIP card, membership card and prepaid card, they charge members with high membership fee, deposit or recharge the membership card to absorb public funds. A large number of funds from the public have not been effectively supervised and controlled by the sponsor, so there is a risk of fund transfer and fund roll running.

Health needs cannot be met. Some enterprises, through conference marketing, health lectures, expert free consultation, free inspection, free experience, gift giving or unreasonable low-cost tourism, as well as telemarketing, door-to-door sales, online sales and other forms, carry out false or misleading business publicity to the elderly, and promote so-called health products. Because the concept of health products has no legal positioning, it is often used to steal beam The methods of changing posts and concepts are confused with legally registered and approved drugs, medical devices, health food, etc. to cheat consumers trust. However, the claimed health care function is not scientifically evaluated and approved, often does not have health care function, or even delays the disease.

There are illegal risks in the operation mode. Some old-age service institutions sell fictitious old-age apartment and old-age villa, or in the name of investment, joining in, investing in health care and old-age apartment and other projects, promise to absorb funds in the way of capital return sales, after-sale charter, agreed repurchase, sales of real estate shares, etc. Some enterprises do not have the real content of selling goods or do not take selling goods as the main purpose. Instead, they use such deceptive and inducing methods as free tourism, giving physical goods, health care lectures, etc. to illegally absorb public funds by means of commodity repurchase, consignment and sale, consumption rebate, etc. There are risks of illegal fund-raising in the above behaviors of relevant institutions and participants.

The three departments said that, in accordance with relevant regulations, the organization and implementation of illegal fund-raising should bear the corresponding responsibility, and the risk of participating in illegal fund-raising should be borne by itself. The elderly and their families are requested to be more vigilant, to enhance their awareness of risk prevention and identification, to keep away from illegal fund-raising and pyramid selling, and to prevent their interests from being damaged. If any clue of suspected illegal crime is found, it can be reported to relevant departments actively. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

Source of this paper: editor in charge of Zhongxin Jingwei: Chen Hequn u301d nb12679