Quick news: growth enterprise market index fell by 1percent in concussion, and nonferrous gold rose against the market

 Quick news: growth enterprise market index fell by 1percent in concussion, and nonferrous gold rose against the market

In terms of sectors: Nonferrous gold, real estate development, Shanghai Luntong and other sectors were the top gainers, while hemp refined medicine, kitchen waste treatment, digital currency and other sectors were the top losers.

Peripheral situation: the three major U.S. stock indexes ended lower, while technology stocks declined collectively. By the end of the day, the S & P 500 index was down 27.11 points, or 0.86%, to 3113.87; the Dow was down 268.37 points, or 0.96%, to 27783.04; the Nasdaq was down 97.48 points, or 1.12%, to 8567.99. Technology stocks fell collectively, with NVIDIA down more than 3%, micron technology down 2%, Broadcom down more than 1%, blue chip apple down about 1%; LYFT down more than 3%, western data, NVIDIA down more than 3%; Tesla up more than 1% against the market.

News: 1, President Xi Jinping held a video link with Russian President Putin on the afternoon of 2 in Beijing to witness the commissioning ceremony of the natural gas pipeline between China and Russia. 2. Li Keqiang: we will continue to promote the construction of a market-oriented, rule of law, and international business environment, and promote the start-up and development of more new enterprises. 3. Shanghai Stock Exchange: Science and technology innovation companies should be far away from capital operation of quick profits and quick profits, and from capital operation of illegal and illegal profits. 4. Ministry of Agriculture: do everything possible to speed up the recovery of pig production and ensure the supply of pork during the new years Day Spring Festival and the two sessions. 5. Central bank: it is not allowed to handle payment business for various investment and financing transactions through collection business. 6. Trump: it will resume the imposition of tariffs on Brazil and Argentinas steel exports to the United States.

According to Shenguang finance and economics, what the A-share market lacks at present is investment confidence, and the increase and decrease of investment confidence is in direct proportion to the profit-making effect. Since this year, the bull market of core assets has been unlimited, but quite a number of stocks are in a volatile trend or even in a bear market, and quite a number of investors are suffering from poor earnings. At the same time, due to the fact that the supply and demand of stocks and funds are always in a state of interlocking, and the sufficiency of funds is limited, we cant see the overall bull caused by fund promotion, which has become the normal situation. In the future, in the process of increasing economic downward pressure, investors are very concerned about the profitability of listed companies, which may exceed the focus on policies and funds. Among the existing 3000 A-share listed companies, the number of companies whose profits are reversed or continuously improved is only a part of it, which is also doomed to explore structural investment in stock selection in the future Opportunity.