France mourns the death of 13 French soldiers in Mali

 France mourns the death of 13 French soldiers in Mali

The national mourning ceremony was solemn and solemn. The coffins of 13 dead soldiers were placed in the honor courtyard. The coffins were covered with the French flag. French soldiers held the remains of each dead soldier in front of the coffins. Malcolm personally awarded the French governments highest honor, the Legion of honor, to every French soldier who died.

Two French helicopters collided in a military operation in Mali on the evening of November 25, killing 13 French soldiers. It is understood that no one survived the two colliding helicopters. At the time of the incident, French forces were at war with local extremists in Mali.

This is the most serious incident of French military personnel loss since France launched the crescent dune military operation aimed at combating terrorism in the Sahel region of Africa, which also caused the largest one-day personnel loss of French military in more than 30 years.

In his speech, markron spoke highly of the dead soldiers, saying they were dedicated to freedom and security in France and the Sahel region. They fight for France, for the people of the Sahel, for the security of their compatriots and for the freedom of the world - for all of us here, he said Markron said that French forces will continue to fight alongside local government forces in the Sahel region to combat terrorism.

According to the latest poll released on the 2nd, 58% of the respondents expressed their support for the French government to continue its anti-terrorism operations in the Sahel region. According to French media, this support rate has not changed significantly compared with previous years.

Although the majority of the people still support Frances military operations in the Sahel region, France hopes that NATO member states will be more involved in local counter-terrorism. Markron had previously said he would raise relevant issues at the upcoming NATO summit.

The national mourning ceremony was also a key occasion for French politicians to show solidarity. French speaker of the house of Representatives, Prime Minister Philippe, defense minister Paris, foreign minister Le derion and former French presidents Hollande and Sarkozy attended. President Keita of Mali also came to attend the memorial service.

The mourning ceremony was attended by 2500 people, including relatives and friends of the soldiers killed, and comrades from the Legion of the soldiers killed. The ceremony was also broadcast live on a large screen outside the military academy, and many people gathered to watch it.

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Li Zaixing