Foreign media: suspected militants attack, Syrian army repels drones

 Foreign media: suspected militants attack, Syrian army repels drones

Screenshot of Russia today (RT) report

According to Russia today (RT) and Russian satellite news agency, on the night of December 1 local time, suspected militants attempted to bomb an air base in HAMA Province in central Syria through multiple drones. However, due to the interception of the Syrian military air defense system, the UAV failed to achieve its goal. There is no casualty information at present.

Screenshot of Russian satellite news agency

Rt said photos and videos of drones attacking and being intercepted soon appeared on social media. The screen shows that the fire light of the night when the ground-to-air missile and heavy machine gun were fired over the incident area. However, RT also said it was unable to verify the authenticity of these videos and images.

Image source of Syrian militarys successful defeat of the incoming drone: RT quoted from social media twitter

Syrian militarys fight back to attack unmanned mobile map source: RT quoted from twitter

It is not clear who launched the attack, the report said. However, the pattern of the attack is very similar to another attack on the base earlier this year, when militants launched drones from the northwestern province of Idlib.

According to RT, the area is mainly controlled by various armed factions, including the extremist group conquest front. The conquest front, formerly known as the support front of the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, changed its name in July 2016 and announced its separation from Al Qaeda, but the organization is still recognized as a terrorist organization by the international community.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Li Zaixing, nbjs9026