Gao Yixiang asks Zhejiang TV why to delete the recorded video

 Gao Yixiang asks Zhejiang TV why to delete the recorded video

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that on December 2, Gao Yixiangs bar official micro asked 20 questions, including various details of Gao Yixiangs fainting and the aftermath work, hoping Zhejiang satellite TV would respond.

Full text of Weibo:

Behind the accident of Mr. Gao Yixiangs recording of chase me bar, it shows that the safety consciousness of Zhejiang TV and chase me bar is weak, life is indifferent, the extreme pursuit of capital is profit, and the demands of the masses are ignored

Six days after the incident, today Mr. Gao Yixiang finally went home smoothly. Zhejiang satellite TV only wrote two statements to the public, which were cold words like copying, false attitude and even no official seal; screened comments to create a peaceful illusion; used capital to induce public opinion to turn its eyes to cover up crimes. Even stop fans from thinking??

We dont want your platform to make a false apology, just ask for the truth to be announced!

Zhejiang satellite TV, please answer the following questions positively:

1. Why couldnt Mr. Gao Yixiangs wheat reach the broadcaster before the incident? So his call for help was unanswered?

2. Netflix 1:45, who found out the problem first?

3. Why are the guests calling for help when they found the problem? What were the two people doing with their camera? Why cant you help me?

4. Mr. Gao Yixiang began to exercise at the age of 12. He has always been a person who loves sports and pays attention to healthy diet. He was also very happy and healthy to take part in the recording on that day. Even if he stayed up late because of running and caused malignant arrhythmia, the golden rescue immediately carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation 4-6 minutes after falling to the ground. With Mr. Gao Yixiangs physical quality, he could also be rescued. Is it as the audience said , still shooting leads to missed golden four minutes! Please post a clear and complete video of this period.

5. Is there any AED (automatic external defibrillator) and skilled staff at the recording site?

6. It only takes two minutes for the AED to run 257 meters away from the scene of the accident, but you dont know how to use it. When can you blame and admit your mistake?

7. According to the Reuters picture of the on-site audience, there are accompanying medical vehicles on the site. Why did the driver get off the medical vehicle at the first time instead of the medical staff! Is the medical aid personnel equipped? Please provide professional certificate of medical staff!

8. Who called 120 at the time of the incident and the specific time when the ambulance arrived? Post arrival description?

9. Why delete the recorded video as soon as possible after the incident?

10. What do you want to do in five days? What are you trying to hide?

11. Mr. Gao Yixiang was sent to a doctor for rescue in the early morning, but until 11:00 in the morning, the official announced that what was the program group and Zhejiang TV doing during this period?

12. Why were the bodies transferred twice? (Li Huili hospitals past life room? Yongyi etiquette hall? Ningbo funeral parlor) why is it not the first time to consider the celebrity relationship directly transferred to Ningbo funeral parlor to set up a hall of worship? Do you want to toss Mr. Gao Yixiangs body like this???

13. Why is Mr. Gao Yixiangs body allowed to return to Taiwan in seven days? Why not charter a plane to deliver the body?

14. Its said that many recording guests are overburdened, with minor injuries and serious injuries. Would you like to follow me, the program group? Did you have a project risk test before the program was recorded? Why is the risk coefficient of recorded programs so high that it has not been taken seriously?

15. How will Zhejiang TV comfort the families and fans of the deceased?

16. The program has not been suspended permanently. What is the sincerity?

17. How to prevent the tragedy from happening again?

18. Claiming that the insiders of your Taiwan publicly slandered Mr. Gao Yixiang and abused his fans. Whether to launch investigation and punishment?

19. Despite the grief of Mr. Gao Yixiangs family, the grief of his fans, the host of your TV station quotes inappropriate connotations. These behaviors not only do not respect the late Mr. Gao Yixiang, but also sprinkle salt on his close relatives wounds. Zhejiang TV is requested to punish him accordingly! Dont apologize!

20. When will the press conference be held??? Please give a public and true response to Gaos family, friends, fans and the public!

Our brother used his life for a safety warning, but you, Zhejiang TV, ignored human life and tried to cover up the truth! Again! Lets not pretend to be sorry! As long as Zhejiang satellite TV publicizes the story, restore the truth!

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027