Wang Honglu announces divorce: husband cheating during pregnancy will raise children independently

 Wang Honglu announces divorce: husband cheating during pregnancy will raise children independently

Netease Entertainment, Dec. 3 - on Dec. 3, online Red Lu Yi announced on Weibo that she would divorce her husband, Ge Cheng, and the husband would leave the home and raise her daughter independently. She said her husband, Ge Cheng, cheated during her pregnancy. She didnt believe he was still talking for her husband, but decided to divorce him after her daughters full moon after finding out that the cheating was true.

The original text is as follows:

Hello, Im here.

First of all, the result: I decided to divorce. The chick went out of the house with a clean stomach and was raised by me in sunny days.

Last night, the chicks stomach saw that the other side wanted to put the video screen, so he confessed everything to me. I asked him repeatedly before if he had cheated? He denied it and showed me false chat records as evidence. Here I have to admit that I am a big sb. Seeing his categorical denial, I believe him and defend him. After more than two years of marriage, I thought I saw him clearly and trusted him unconditionally, but in fact, I was naive.

Figure 2. I just saw the content of the post on the Internet yesterday. At that time, I answered some questions in the fan group. Because extortion was recorded first, I thought that the informant wanted money but failed to make it. I was so angry that I opened a post to vent. I said that she had her address and name because she was known by chicken stomach at a friends dinner. Naturally, this information is known. At that time, it means that if she continues to extort or rumor, I will provide the information to the police. Those who said that I would take the address to threaten the woman, or even go to her door, were malicious and ignorant of the law. Now they are so strict about Hei, do I want to go to prison when Im tired of having a monthly meal?

I cant talk about other things. As for whether it is suspected of extortion, whether it is cheating on guns or whether you love me or who is lying, I dont know if you ask me. Whats more, this is the difference between the two of them. It has nothing to do with me.

When I am out of the month, I will start to divorce. No matter how bad the chickens stomach is, his family is innocent, especially my mother-in-law is not in good health. I hope you dont disturb the elders.

It turns out that recently, a netizen revealed that Lu Yis husband and chick stomach (named Ge Cheng) cheated a girl to say that she was single and kept relationship with her during her pregnancy. After finding out that she had been cheated, the woman party directly found Lu silk and told her mans behavior. But Lu didnt want to believe each others words, still insisted on believing her husband, stood on the same front with Ge Cheng, and published a chat record saying that the other side was blackmailing.

Lu also released the confrontation process between her and the woman, claiming that the other partys action was to extort one million yuan from herself, and the affair of cheating was a complete fabrication.

Before long, the woman said Lu had faked a chat record. The two published the same sentence but showed different times. Later, the woman released evidence that GE Cheng asked himself to take a senior foot bath on September 11, when Lu Yixian was pregnant.

The woman explained to Lu that she didnt really want to ask for 1 million yuan, but she was angry at GE chengzhas behavior. She cheated herself during pregnancy and didnt want Lu to be hoodwinked by her husband.

Lus small response

Lu insisted that he didnt cheat, and said he would investigate whether his husband cheated.

It is understood that Lu Yixian is a beauty blogger with more than 2.5 million fans and a small reputation in the online red circle. She and her husband Ge Cheng got married in May last year. On that day, she also broadcasted her wedding on the Internet. Because the wedding ceremony was grandly arranged, it also went on a hot search. Many netizens and fans expressed their wishes for their love. She gave birth to her baby on November 6 this year. Her husband Ge Cheng was accompanied and recorded all the way.

On December 3, Lu Yixian announced his divorce from his husband Ge Cheng, who also admitted that he had chatted during pregnancy and made fake chat records, but denied cheating on guns.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027