Woman said massage was touched in private private private private room who will confirm?

 Woman said massage was touched in private private private private room who will confirm?

Ms. Chen received massage in the clothes provided by the steaming hall, but when she reached the lower half of her body, she found that the situation was not right: he started to press his buttocks, and a little bit touched my sensitive parts. I may think more about it, but when I press it to my thigh, I think he knows that men and women are different, but he has met many times, and I cant accept this situation.

Later, my reporter from Sute newspaper and Ms. Chen came to the steaming club in Longpan Road, Nanjing together. At that time, the male technician who massaged Ms. Chen said that he didnt touch the sensitive part of the other party from the beginning to the end: the main artery is in these two positions. The distance is far away. There must be a distance between the acupoint and the private place. But Ms. Chen believes that there is definitely friction, not so simple.

To this end, a person in charge of the technician management department of the store said that they would basically choose heterosexual massage when arranging technicians for customers. If there is any doubt about the service of male technicians, Ms. Chen should put it forward to the store within 20 minutes from the beginning of massage.

Since there is no monitoring equipment in the massage room and Ms. Chen can not provide relevant evidence, it is difficult to restore the incident.

In response, Wu Guohao, a lawyer from Jiangsu Su Bo law firm, said that from the perspective of customers, if the service provider is found to have deviant behavior, it can take video or audio recordings with a mobile phone in time and provide them to the police later; as a business, it can install monitoring equipment in the private room, which must be opened after the consent of customers, as evidence of future disputes between the two parties.

At present, Ms. Chen has reported the case to the police and the two sides are in further consultation.