Kite chaser: what is the purpose of our hard life

 Kite chaser: what is the purpose of our hard life

When the silk thread is cut off, we should summon up courage to pursue the kite falling in the distance, so as to obtain inner peace.

This life is also a process of making mistakes, missing, and redeeming. We need to summon up courage to find our own kite, so as to achieve inner peace and complete self salvation.


The real love for a child is to make him himself

In your children are not yours, Gibran wrote:

Your children, in fact, are not your children. They are children born of lifes desire for itself. They come into the world through you, but not because of you. They are by your side, but they dont belong to you. You can give them your love, but not your thoughts, because they have their own thoughts.

The father of the hero Amir, like many eager parents, has always had high expectations for his son Amir.

Although he thought his son was weak and incompetent, he continued to create opportunities. He signed up for Amir to join the football team and later took him to watch the competition. After living in the United States, he worked as a gas station, supporting his son to go to university, hoping that his son could become a talent.

In order to get the desired fathers love, Amir also tried to do something he didnt like. He pretended to love football, pretended to be interested in watching the game, and through his own efforts won the kite competition crown.

In fact, as my fathers friend Rahim Khan said, children are not drawing exercise books. You cant just paint the colors you like. He has his own way to go.

Every child is a gift from God to his parents, and has its own advantages. Amir, though sensitive and weak in personality, is quite talented in writing.

When his father didnt agree with Amir, it was Rahim Khan who encouraged him: Dear Amir, the most unforgettable thing is that your story is full of irony. Some writers dream of it all their lives, and your first story is achieved, which is great!

Rahim Khans encouragement gave Amir the most powerful support on the way of writing.

As he grew older, Amir gradually learned to follow his own rational thinking to decide his own path. Instead of doing what his father liked and expected, he did what he was good at.

When the self thinking and the external world are well integrated, he finally realizes his dream of writer.

The father in kite chaser is actually like many parents in our life. They expect their children to follow the path they designed for them, but they often neglect that their children actually have their own established life path.

As a writer said, the so-called father daughter mother son only means that you and his fate is to constantly watch his back away in this life. You stand at this end of the path and watch him disappear at the turning point of the path. Moreover, he tells you silently with his back, no need to chase.

In fact, the real love for children is to let children become themselves. Because children should be their own independent script, not the continuation of their parents.


Friendship is the most precious wealth in the world

Mr. Lu Xun once said: friendship is two hearts treat each other sincerely, not one heart beats the other.

Hassan, however, has been practicing the connotation of friendship in his own way.

When he and Amir were provoked by Assaf, although he was also afraid, in order to protect Amir, he pulled the slingshot with all his strength to scare away Assaf.

When besieged by assefs group and asked him to hand over the kite, he knew that this was the only way for Amir to get his fathers approval. So even though Assaf insulted him, he still guarded the kite and fulfilled his promise to Amir, for you, thousands of times..

During the war, father and Amir fled to the United States, leaving the house in the care of their friend Rahim Khan. As Rahim Khan grew older and weaker, he begged Hassan for help. The kind Hassan accepted the entrustment, but died under the gun of the villain who occupied Amirs house. He vowed to live up to his promise to Amir, for you, thousands of times..

Although Hassan is a servant and has a low status, he has a holy world in his heart. He supports Amir unconditionally.

When Amir excitedly read his novel to him, he applauded happily: master Amir, you are wonderful, Allah bless you, you will certainly become a great writer, and the whole world will read your story.

When Amir retreated and didnt want to take part in the kite competition, he encouraged him: remember, Amir, there are no ghosts, today is a good day.

When Amir asked Hassan, if I let you eat mud, would you?

He replied, if you ask, I will. But I wonder if youll let me. Would you? Master Amir

For Amir, Hassan was just a playmate when he was bored, a obedient servant. He not only despised him in his bones, but also often played tricks on him, and even envied Hassan for parting his fathers love for himself.

The day before the completion of the orphanage, my father wanted to take Amir and Hassan to Lake Karka, but Amir lied that Hassan had something to go to;

When Amir saw Hassan being humiliated for picking up kites for himself, he did not stand up for Hassan, but sought self-protection;

In order not to let his conscience condemn him, he even suggested that his father dismiss Hassan and his son.

Even so, Hassan has always regarded Amir as his forever friend. He treats Amir sincerely and doesnt give back, even willing to give his life for him. A little childs inner tolerance is as strong as an adult, which is also the charm of Hassans personality.

Friendship is the most precious wealth in the world.

What kind of person your friend is, what kind of person you can be. If you meet such a friend, you must cherish it.


The real salvation is to accept the imperfect self

Shawshanks redemption once said: there is no real happiness without suffering, so before redemption, we must bear the suffering of suffering first.

I think so.

There is a source of wisdom, strength and love in everyones heart. You can become your own happiness coach to save yourself.

The father, Amir and Amirs wife in kite chaser all realized self salvation by accepting their imperfections.

Amirs wife, Soraya, ran away with an Afghan man when she was young, which became the stain of her life. When she confessed to Amir that she was in a bad situation, she got the relief of her soul and the understanding of Amir.

Though Amir has completed his studies and gained love in America, he has also realized his dream. But his heart was tormented by the mistakes he made to Hassan when he was young.

His real growth and transformation began when he learned from Rahim Khan that his father, whom he always respected, was a thief. He found that he was very similar to his father and betrayed those who were willing to give their lives. He realized that men who dare not make their own debut are always cowards. He decided to wash away the crime for himself and his father.

He returned to his motherland, where he was born and raised, and dueled with assef. Although he was beaten to death, he was very relaxed because his despicable soul was washed and redeemed.

After many hardships, he brought Hassans son solabo back to the United States, and he was no longer the cowardly Amir who escaped.

When the general questioned the identity of solabo, he said loudly:

Hassan is the child of my father and servant wife. Hassan is my brother. Solabo is my nephew. Please never call solabo Hazara boy because he has a name.

Amirs father, though once warned Amir that theft is inexcusable and unforgivable. But he was a thief himself. He not only stole the wealth, glory and affirmation Hassan deserved as a son, but also stole Alis dignity as a man.

Although he was selfish and cowardly, he tried his best to make up for his fathers love for Hassan and redeemed himself with his lifelong good deeds, so he was loved by countless people.

In the kite chaser, the most moving scene for me is Amir flying a kite with solabo.

He chased the kite and ran among a group of screaming children, but he didnt care. The wind swept his face, and there was a big smile on his lips, like that of Panjshir canyon.

For you, thousands of times, he passed Hassans love to him to solabo.

The most true warmth in the world is the transmission of love. In the transmission of love, Amir finally becomes a complete person.


Dr. Hailan once said:

In our life, our judgment of ourselves and others is often the reason that troubles us and influences us to get along with others. It is also a part of our integrity to accept our integrity, do wrong things and say wrong things. What we need is to accept our integrity and care for ourselves when we feel sad, instead of blaming ourselves.

Yes, in fact, life is not a journey of seeking, trial and error, and finally finding your own way back?

Lin Qingxuan wrote in all regrets are complete:

As for heart and life, nothing is really harmful or good. When rain falls, you may feel that you are good for jasmine, but the blooming jasmine may wither because of a slight rain;

The sun may feel that it will hurt the land in autumn, but the seeds in the land germinate because the sun can be green. The maturity and perfection of love is just like this. As long as we dont lose our heart, nothing can hurt our real life.

May we all be able to reconcile with our imperfect selves in an accepting attitude, to complete our redemption and meet our better selves.

Source: ten point reading (ID: duhaoshu).

Source: editor in charge of Netease open course: Chen Yaqian, nbj11113