Neymar: Thank you football for congratulating brother But where is he?

 Neymar: Thank you football for congratulating brother But where is he?

In Barcelona, Neymar had a great personal relationship with Messi. Although Neymar left in 2017, he and Messi, Suarez still often in the chat group communication. Now that Messi has become the first Mr. Liu Jinqiu in history, Neymar naturally wants to send his blessing. Before that, the western media even said that Neymar would appear at the golden ball award ceremony in order to support Messi, but the Brazilian did not appear.

Neymar left Barcelona and Messi in 2017 largely for the golden ball. If he can lead Paris to win the Champions League, Neymar will hopefully touch the golden ball. But after leaving Barcelona, Neymars career has been greatly reduced.

In 2017, Neymar ranked third in the Golden Globes. But in 2018, he slipped to 12th place. In 2019, Neymar did not even make the top 30 list. For Brazils top players, it is clearly a great shame.

To be fair, Neymars personal performance in recent two years has been pretty good. But the point is that he cant keep fit. Neymar suffered serious injuries during his two season sprint, which made him unable to help the team in the Champions League. Ahead of this summers Copa America, Neymar was seriously injured in the warm-up and missed the tournament in Brazil. Brazils top card luck is a bit worse.

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