Top 10 value of golden ball: mbape leads Messi 150 million c Luo in Europe 200 million

 Top 10 value of golden ball: mbape leads Messi 150 million c Luo in Europe 200 million

Its not just about the strength of the players, its also about the age and potential of the players, which makes mbape the most expensive player in the top 10 for 200 million euros. However, mbape has a very clear understanding of his situation. Before the award ceremony, he said he was not worthy of the golden ball. I have to be aware that I dont deserve to be on the Golden Globes podium for the whole season. In the Champions League, the performance of Paris was disappointing With a clear mind, mbape didnt affect his mood because he didnt get the golden ball. He smiled and hugged with the national teams big brother grizman at the award ceremony.

Messi and Salah, who are both worth 150 million euros, are tied for second place on the list. Manet ranked fourth with 120 million euros, while van Dyck and Bernardo Silva tied for fifth with 100 million euros. Ronaldo is seventh with 90 million euros, obviously related to his age of 35. Allison, levan and maheres were in eighth, ninth and tenth places, respectively.

Gold ball top 10 (in euros)

1. Mbapes 200 million Golden Ball ranked sixth

2. Messis 150 million Golden Ball ranked first

2. Salahs 150 million Golden Ball ranked fifth

4. Manets 120 million Golden Ball ranked fourth

5. Van Dycks 100 million Golden Ball ranked second

5. Bernardo Silvas 100 million gold ball ranked 9th

7. Cr90 million gold ball ranked third

8. Allisons 80 million Golden Ball ranked 7th

9. Laiwan 65 million Golden Ball ranked No. 8

10. Maheres 60 million Golden Ball ranked 10th

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